Is there a Target in Maui

Do you have a target in Maui?

Maui Built equipment is only available on Maui and in one of the Maui Tropix shops. and be disappointed because they don't have what I want. Maui Now and MauiWatch already have pictures. I haven't seen a mention of one in Maui. There' s already a Wal-Mart in Kahului.

Target-buyers will soon have society when the Puunene Centre expands | News, sports, jobs

For the Puunene Phase 2 Puunene Mall, located by Target in the Maui Business Park in Kahului, District Theatre. Three new uninhabited properties in the retail centre have been acquired by Terramar Retail Centers, which recently acquired the mall from Safeway's property developement centre for $40.37 million last year.

Trying to get in touch with Terramar in California on Friday was fruitless, but the county's planning permissions provide some detail about the structure. There are two of them on either side of the Hookele Street entry. The third edifice was constructed next to Target. Approvals for these properties were granted for shell's in January.

Should lessees have rented the property, they are seeking "building permissions for lessee improvements" and a certification of utilization, district officials said. a... It appears that two seats in a 9,750 sq. m. facility on the side of the entry to the terminal have been let. Construction approvals were submitted for Supercuts and Verizon Wireless at 80 Hookele Street, and Verizon spokesperson Heidi Flato said Friday that the Puunene Shopping Center Retail store will be replacing the one on the Maui Marketplace with an opening rate for the first three months of 2017.

It' worth $2.1 million. It appears that the other two properties, for retailers or restaurants, have not yet been let. On the Kihei side of the 58 Hookele Street entry, the 58 Hookele Street facility has a footprint of 10,254 sq. m. with a value of $2.2 million, according to the county's record.

Situated next to Target at 70 Hookele Street, the 70 Hookele Street has an area of 10,175 sq. m. with a value of $2.3 million. Terramar's Puunene Shopping Center website names Target and Petco as main lessees. On one of the maps Petco is shown two houses on the Kihei side of Hookele Street 70.

At the moment Petco has a shop in the Maui Marketplace.

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