Auckland sea Temperature

Lake Auckland Temperature

The Auckland average sea temperature in February. NAVY - RADARY - SEA TEMPERATURE - SURFING - WAVE MAPS - WAVES. Warm currents come from the Coral Sea (Australia), so the water temperature is higher and visibility is greater than that of nearby coastal waters.

coast surface temperature

The temperature of the sea at the coast is affected by the sun light, the degree of latitude as well as the geographical location. It' difficult for some sea creatures to live if the sea temperature changes. That can have an impact on maritime eco-systems and process-- This can also have an impact on aquaculture in our coastlines. We' ve categorized the sea temperature as a case file.

Worldwide, it is anticipated that climatic changes will raise sea surfaces on the coasts. New Zealand's summers to winters vary more depending on the geographical location (e.g. how much a particular sandy spot is subject to the open sea and the sun' hours) than on the large ocean currents. Average sea temperature areas per year show typical variations of plus or minus 1-2°C.

Yearly mean sea-front temperatures are slowly decreasing from N to S. The average sea temperature in New Zealand's north has been around 17°C a year. Southwest New Zealand has an average sea temperature of about 12°C a year. The dates range from 1953-2012; the timelines differ from place to place.

Notice: Leigh is the Leigh Marine Station in the northwest of the Auckland area. Oportobello is the Portobello Marine Station along the Otago Peninsula just south of Dunedin. Cycles indicate the average yearly temperature for years of more than 345 nights. Temperature fluctuations on the sea floor in this case studies are based on 11 measurement points:

The Ahipara Bay, Leigh Marine Station, Tauranga, Napier, New Plymouth, Wellington (Evans Bay and Lyall Bay), Lyttelton, Jackson Bay, Portobello Marine Station and Bluff. There are also timelines for the best available wards: the best available data: The Leigh Marine Station near Auckland and Portobello Marine Station near Dunedin. Hand-held thermometer were used for early measurements of the coast temperature.

The use of internal logging systems for internal measurements began in 1990. Average temperature during the year is only given for years longer than 345 day. For more information, see the section entitled Database Performance. Refer to Coastal Surfaces Temperature (archived October 2016).

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