At last a Life Download

Finally a Life Download

At Last a Life is my own experience and recovery through fear, panic and depersonalization if you are looking for where you can finally download a life or read online. Does your computer keep you up late? f.lux is a free download that warms up your computer at night to match your interior lighting. Select the files you want to upload to My Music.

Allows you to select multiple files at once. Or drag-and-drop files anywhere on this page to start uploading.


Have you ever noticed that those who text at nights have this creepy little shimmer? Waking up to the next big idea and being dazzled by your computer monitor? But at 9 pm, 10 pm or 3 am you probably shouldn't look into the bright light. f.lux will fix this: the colour of your computer monitor adapts to the daytime, hot at nights and like sunshine during the rest of the year.

Or you could use f.lux simply because it makes your computer look better. f.lux always makes your computer monitor look like the room you are in. Say f.lux, what kind of illumination you have and where you are living.

If so, just leave it out. f.lux does the work. Would you like to sponsor f.lux?

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