Stewart Island new Zealand Weather

Weather in Stewart Island New Zealand

Activities on the same day (depending on tides and weather). A great walk in good weather - a look back at the Rakiura Track, Stewart Island, New Zealand Port William Cabin is located on the shore, in a very beautiful place. On this part you go into the woods, which avoids a dehydration of the part. There has been work on improving the route, but much remains to be done! All in all it was a great adventure, but on the first morning I had more fun.

... if I had to do it again, maybe I would do a roundtrip to Port William, and then after the first overnight in the cabin back to Oban.

Saber Reef Water Temperature (Sea) and Wetsuit Guide (Southland, New Zealand)

Today's Stewart Island - Saber Reef ocean temperatures are 11.4 °C. Stewart Island - Saber Reef's waters are quite cool (11°C). Surfer need a high qualitiy wet suit, a neopren cover, mittens and a boot, because it is overcast at an actual ambient temperatur of (6 °C).

Bottom is a chart of historical sea surface temperatures for Stewart Island - Saber Reef. The results were obtained from two decade-long analyses of near open sea observations by oceanographers. We' ve worked out the mean fluctuation of sea temperatures around the year and the extreme values that have been seen on each date.

stäwtwart ireland - Ocean temperature at saber reef is in the 12 to 15°C (54 to 59°F) area around February 10 and in the 8 to 11°C (46 to 52°F) area on September 8. Stewart Island - Saber Reef's highest ocean temperature from early to late February is ideal for a 4/3mm wet suit + 3mm boot, although a 5/3mm wet suit is preferred for longer periods and colder wintry conditions.

From the beginning to the middle of September, low ocean temperature at Stewart Island - Saber Reef is suitable for a 5/4mm or 5/3mm wet suit with wetsuits and 3mm high heels. If it is breezy or the wind is freezing, you need a cowl. The real temperature of the Stewart Island - Saber Reef waters can fluctuate by several deg. in comparison to these open waters.

Off-shore windy conditions mean that cooler deeper waters are replacing the solar-heated one. You should also consider climate, winchill and sunlight before choosing a neoprene suit that stays hot when you surf Stewart Island - Saber Reef. Please note our weather forecast for this information.

It is also important for windsurfer and other aquatic sports enthusiasts who are more likely to go abroad.

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