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You can book Poipu Bed and Breakfast Inn, Kauai on TripAdvisor: Condominiums, land and Kauai houses for sale. Find Kauai MLS or contact us for a personalized service. The Kauai Banyan Inn - Apartments - 3528 B Mana Hema Pl, Koloa, HI - Telephone number

I and my fiancée recently spent 4 evenings at the Kauai Banyan Inn (Milo Suite) and were very happy with our sojourn. Banyan is a holiday home in Lawai (near Poipu), completely with fridge, micro-wave and kitchenette, free WLAN and free park. Being in Banyan is like being in a country house, only you get flowing waters, power and cables.

Banyan is situated in a neighborhood directly on Highway 50 and Koloa Road and is easily overlooked because the road signposts are small and the roads are not well illuminated (especially at night), so I would suggest you either bring your own GPS or rent it (or remember that if you turn off the 50 onto Koloa Road, Mana Hema is 1.3 mile on the left).

Lorna provides ear plugs for those of you who are delicate sleeping people to help with the croaking cocks (during our visit they began croaking around 4am and continue croaking every few minutes). In order to help with crows, make sure you shut all your window as it helps huge.

Banyan is located just south of Koloa and Poipu, and about 15 min from Lihue, where the international airports are located. In any case, we would suggest that we stay here, and if we ever returned to Kauai, we would definitely stay here again.

Chalet Kauai, Beach house B

The best beach situation in Kapaa with a lot of space for the whole group or 3 pairs. Stroll to a dozen shops and dining places along a 5 mile cobbled beach road. The Moana Kai Beach School..... I had a great time with my boyfriends and my families. Now, to the cottage! Astonishing and pretty. Then we came to a emasculated, organised home.

It was a group of 6 people and we never felt overcrowded in the courtyard or home. The landscape was wonderful and enjoys the everyday strolls to the sunset sun. A walk to Kapa`a was a great opportunity to see some of the neighbours. During the whole visit we really enjoy it.

Six girls have never had problems with some of the natives who live around here. Thankful for the chance to remain at the Moana Kai Bra. It was nothing special, but inexpensive. Beautiful beach situation. I' d suggest the tube adventures with Kauai Backcountry Adventures.

And it was great jogging on the way near the shore. Nice position. That place was just the place we needed. It is perfectly situated on the mainland, so you can come to any end of the islands and be in the centre! Nice cottage with marvellous views to the sea and the sea.

Although there were some negative things, we really did enjoy our time on Kauai. Aloha, thank you for giving us your feedback after your visit to Moana Kai Beach Haus. We' re delighted that you found the building nice and the view marvellous! This whirlpool is great and we are delighted that you enjoy it and your visit.

Nice position, nice view. Lovely home! It was so near the sea and the hiking and cycling trail. We' d definitely be back there. Aloha, thank you for taking the opportunity to write us a rating for the Moana Kai Beach House in Kauai. Situated in the centre, it is simple to drive north or south during your sojourn.

It is fully furnished and very courteous. During our travel we spent a whole weekend at Moana Kai Beach Haus and were not let down. It was a very nice place and the views from the lounge were unbeatable. I would definitely remain again and suggest to everyone!

Made a Kauai marriage and had leased the seaside home and some other features around Kapaa. It was a very beautiful place and a great place to go back at the end of the morning or to enjoy some daytime. I think we really enjoy our sojourn.

Awesome! We had a great part of the last weeks stay in your lovely house! The whirlpool, the deck chair, the parasol and the board for boogies. When I packed our afternoon meal on the shore one mornings I was delighted and eased to find them!

All we wanted was a longer sojourn. Thanks for offering a great holiday with all the comfort of home. Aloha, perfection! is a term we want to hear. We' re very pleased that you liked your visit so much and that you found this device very obliging all around.

We' re committed to detail and we want to make your visit as pleasant as possible. All the comforts of the sea are always valued. It was a great experience in Kapaa. It was a perfect match for us and we would be happy to live there again. It is a beautiful sandy area, but it is bounded by a large open space with a large number of shelters.

It is also our wish that our clients allow us to react to any concern or issue they may have during their visit, as we always react immediately when there is something that needs our heed. So we are disappointed that you did not tell us during your visit that you have a bug issue.

It is a tropic isle and beetles are something we must and do remain on vigil. Situated on the beach, this lovely house is regularly serviced and serviced by a team of professionals who provide an immediate on-call assistance for the property they manage. We' re also dissapointed that you felt that the nearby parc was a place for the sheltered.

The Lihi Beach is a well-kept urban garden that does not host or patrol a home for the home. Obviously it will depend on what kind of holiday you are looking for, but if you are looking to improve and gain a real prospect on the civilization of the isle, this is the place.

Aloha and I had a marvellous time in this house. Everything you needed was there, as well as all types of beachwear. The brief stroll to the sea and the beaches that were rinsed up every day. It is not a bathing area, but the landscape is nice and the weather is warmer. Near Baby Beaches, but the tide was too bumpy to go snorkelling.

Near the city, so that our grown children could go to an after-sleep drinking session. When we need such shelters again, we'll be here. Condominium on the sea! I and my friend went on holiday with our families to Kauai. It is within easy reach of shops, eateries, groceries and of course the beaches!

We had a great time, the apartment was nice and tidy. When we came through the doors, my mates and I knew we had chosen the right place for our first journey to Kauai. It has a perfect floor plan, with large communal areas so you never get overcrowded.

Ground-toce door facing the sea provides a steady wind that compensates for the lack of A/C. It is better furnished with "extras" than anywhere else I have ever lived: bathing scarves, torches, games, wicker chairs, even extra virgin oils and herbs. There is a beautiful outside swimming pools and the barbecue and large terrace are perfect for a later dinner after a game on the sun.

It will be easy for my visitors and me to return to Moana Kai Beach Haus the next day we are in Kauai. You know, this is great, House! It is a great place - well equipped and very convenient. We' had a great holiday and a great holiday and a great holiday to explore this wonderful isle! We never had to make a reservation and there was never any waiting period (and it was spring break!) We found the place very peaceful and intimate - we never saw the neighbours in unit a or unit ch - but we were there!

The Park Track (about 4 mile along the beach) was just a simple walk outside the "front" facing the sea. During the whole workday the flat barriere coral boulders produced wonderful whitewater ripples, which provided a luxury look from the apartment. The Moana B has surpassed our expectation. This was just like home, only with a nice outlook.

We' ve driven all over the whole of Kapaa and the situation is excellent. Nice nights and sunrises. When my boyfriend came to House B, he asked me to spend the night. No. I cannot say enough positives about the Moana Kai Beach Houses, especially about House B, where we have been.

Kapaa and we really loved the area. The house is very well furnished with everything necessary for those who like to cook what we do. In any case we will try to hire this apartment again for our next journey to Kauai. Beach House B is everything you can think of and more.

So we could go for a stroll on the shore and ooh and ah. It is a little bit stony, full of mussels, but a great place to observe the kitesurfers all the time. It' s close to some of our walking distance places to eat and drink. It was a wonderful home itself.

It is small but ideal for mooring and diving in when it gets too warm. It was the ideal place for a journey to the thirtyth birthday of the marriage! One of my sisters asked for help to make her first date in Kauai, to commemorate her thirtyth birthday, something really unique.

There was a straight stroll to the sea without obstacles, only sandy and wooded between the sea and Lara. This couldn't have been more like it! It was a really good period and we were enjoying the home and the closeness to other things. On the eastern side it was beautiful because we could drive to the north and southern shore without difficulty and we were enjoying all the local eateries on the eastern side.

There was no air conditioning in the building, but the wind was beautiful and kept the temporary workers comfortable. It' for our families. There' been six of us in the building, three of us, and it was a good match. It' located directly at the end of the hiking trail, which we used every day for hiking, jogging or cycling.

So we bought some of the supporters and kept them in the building. Seriously, the place and the isle felt like home. Favourite things about the Strandhaus:- The views are great! It is a brief stroll across a small area to the sea. It' a small but funny place.

  • Situated south of the centre of Kapa'a and directly on the path, an easier stroll. Criticism of the Strandhaus:- We couldn't get the barbecue to work. NAPALIC coastline hike to Hanakapiai Strand & hikes in Waimea Canyon2. Tunnels/Poipu, Ke'e3. Seaside: above the seashore, plus Kealia seashore just above the Kapa'a seashore - 5 - 10 minutes by car4.

Grab a small pocket with your flip-flops and bathe while you sit by the swimming pools or take a sun-bath. We were thrilled from the minute we were standing in the lounge, looking past the swimming pools and down the sand road to the beacht.

To sit on the land and observe the kitesurfers or to walk along the shore to see them putting on their kit was enjoyable. The early mornings with a nice cuppa were also fantastic. So we went for a walk on the shore, which was 1 min away. Sheets, wicker baskets, mattresses, boogie board and snorkeling facilities for the beautiful sandy areas we were visiting made our stay on the island very pleasant and enjoyable.

It was perfectly located as we were spending our leisure hours on the southern and northern shores. There was also a 5-minute stroll to the souvenir shop. Surfing Hanalei Bay, Boogie on Lydgate Beach and taking the Waimea and Po'ipu canyons.

The Kauai is a nice and marvelous place. That place was great for us! Enormous glazed slide down to the landai made the lounge look even larger and the small plunge basin was ideal for chilling down. On foot and by bike we could go to shops, shops and restaurante.

Right behind the entrance there is a small sandy spot, which is not very suitable for bathing, but very easy to reach on foot. Overall I would definitely be back there again! We' re staying in this building for eight whole nights. We were six (me, my man, two children, 9 years old and 7 years old, and grandparents) The sandy spot was very smooth, but we always went to other places for snorkelling and bathing.

It was a very important place for our work. There was enough room for all of us. Used to love the place for our people. This is a great place. We had a great Kapaa experience. I' d suggest building bid for any sized home.

It' a great home. That place was great. Because of deluge and floods, our plan for the sandy beaches was restricted. It was a large and open building, so the little ones could walk. Whirlpool was a great addition to the shore, and we also used the swimming pools.

It is ideal for dining and food shops. Afterwards we had many dinners in the restaurant. We' ve succeeded in removing all but one of the cocks from the property next to the seaside cottage by beating around the area with the help of our own casseroles. For the six of us, the building was very beneficial to spend a ten-day in Kauai.

There was everything we needed, from cooking equipment and boatie board to a barbecue and wipe. You could go on foot to the centre of Kapaa on the way right outside the doors. There is a meal service and six seats that were perfectly suited for breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

It is a wonderful place with many sights and a lot of businesses in the small town. It' a place we would definitely go again and the Strand Haus is the place where we would spend the night. Well furnished and perfectly cared for seashore cottage. The 3 bedrooms are perfect for a small child friendly home.

There is a small court swimmingpool and the" Babystrand" nearby. Many crockery, saucepans, frying pans, soap, towels, seasonings and Ziploc pouches go far beyond the normal use. Situated on a magnificent coastline footpath and cycle track and only 2 blocs from the highroad.

It is located in Kapa'a (yes, the "Honeymoon in Vegas" Kapa'a), a great area. It is the central part of a triplex; we have never seen or listened to other inhabitants. Whereas there is a staircase at the entrance, the home and courtyard are on one floor and are good for handicapped people or other people.

There' s a clear sea front look, and the sandy spot is just opposite an empty plot. Enjoying the toy on the shore and the great information brochure. One better home than many much more costly holiday apartments. Moana Kai Haus was perfect for our 5-person home for our Kauai weekend.

It had a great look and the facilities of our facilities like Sea View/Access, Bicycle Track, Swimming Bath, Whirlpool and a lot of room surpassed our expections. Kappa was within easy reach on foot and also centrally located for daily excursions to the southern and northern parts of the world. Me and my man recently spent a weekend in the B on our twilight vacation and the owner did a great work to make sure we had everything we needed for a relaxed one.

Looking at the beaches was just like on the photos and it was great to unwind in the whirlpool at nights and observe the sunset surfing and kitesurfing. It has many groceries and near walking distance so that the situation was manageable.

It has the web, full kit and even neflix (although we couldn't work the audio with neflix for some reasons, but that was probably a bug by the user). I would say the only drawback is that the building is right next to a local themepark which appears to draw people in ( "I won't say shadowy natives because we never really had any trouble, but.... you get the point"), so we had our cover a little more.

However, there is a long promenade that leads from the garden along the sea and is ideal for hiking or jogging, so that our overall visit was very relaxed and pleasant. Moana Kai Strandhaus had everything we could wish for and more - at a very affordable rate.

Which makes you wonder why someone would want to sleep in a motel. Everything was perfectly arranged and the owner of the villa thought of everything you might need. Particularly we valued the sea-cloths, stools and the fully equipped cuisine. There was a small sandy spot for relaxation and sun bathing two min. away and we used the cobbled path, which was only a few footsteps away.

All you need for a great holiday in a home! It was so nice and tidy that we didn't want anything while we were there (beach baskets, bathing linen, sandpit toy, BBQ, spa/pool, snorkeling equipment). It has a fantastic panoramic position and is centrally located to all parts of the isle.

That place was awesome. Excellent position, easily accessible from the north and southside. Luxurious accommodation, conveniently to the grocer' s, restaurant, shops and bicycle hire for the cycleway. The only proposal would be to put a first aid box in the session (husband chopped off his feet while snorkeling) and a full-length looking glass for us shorter guys (my mother always told me to look at myself in a full-length looking glass before I leave the room, you never know what you'll find!

I dare everyone to find a place on the isle where the cocks are no problem. The dream home! Lovin' this place. It was an ideal place for an extensive holiday with the mothers. Neat, cosy, stylish and with a great sea front panorama.

It' only a few minutes walk from the old city of Kapa'a and all local businesses and places to eat. Well, we really loved living in the hous. It was a great place and the place was well-appointed. Every mornin' we awoke to see a wonderful sun rise over the sea and went along the shore.

Grandchildren used to enjoy the (almost private) swimming pools and the beaches just a few minutes from them. It is a wonderful seaside home with a wonderful swimmingpool in the centre of Kapa'a. Our bed and furniture as well as the fully equipped cuisine made our visit very convenient. I mean, we used to love everything about the place.

To have the cycle/hiking trail so near was an advantage. It'?s the best place! We were six, who remained in the home for a whole months. There was a lot of room in the building and we didn't have to care about our "own room". Also the situation was very good.

On our travels we found monks seal sunning on the sandy shores. I' d strongly suggest this real estate for any length of sojourn. Used to love being a quick stroll from the city and the city. Situated at the end of the cycling and hiking route, on foot along the sea to shops and city centre dining.

Oh, we used to love Kauai and Moana Kai Beaches place! All was great.... home, position and the comforts of a home. Recreational family entertainment and great situation! Not only was our Moana Kai Strandhaus an excellent place to be, it was also very energetic. All the comforts we needed for our visit, such as kitchen utensils, bathing cloths incl. bathing cloths, bathing clothes, reading materials, TV and pool/whirlpool, were neat.

I mean, we really liked how near this place was to everything. One could go as far as the city of Kapa'a and the cycle track was right there. The building also had great washing facilities if you have children. Things were great and we would come back and we' d stick around! I used to love that place.

Accommodation in Kauai is just the thing. We felt at home when we came to Moana Kai. All of the houses were well equipped, which you normally don't get. It was a quick stroll along the trail and a great bathing area. Till we see each other again, Moana Kai. There was a great sea front look from the whirlpool and landai.

Its only disadvantage was that the sand was not fit for a swim or so scenic. It' s a pity that such a beautiful apartment had these disadvantages, it was a beautiful place, but we could not suggest it to make buddies given the cocks and whereabouts. Many thanks for your evaluation and for your stay in my house on the Kauai beaches.

I have a house bordering Lihi (pronounced Lee Hee) in Kapaa. Kauai Police Department (KPD) has put up new tags and is now imposing the following illicit practices - sleeping, liquor drink and more than 24 hour parkings. They must have been in my house for a harsh period as I have swam along the sea just across the cycle track deck (100 ft from the house) a dozen times whilst the conditions were quiet.

Since my house is located at the beginning of the new (2009) five nautical avenue, only 10 minutes walking distance from tens of diners and kilometers of sandy shores, I trust you had the opportunity to savour some of the benefits I have purchased in such a great area.

In 2011, the Strandweg will be expanded to Lydgate Park and will lead even further southwards in the area. We had a nice holiday on Kauai with Aloha in the middle of February and really loved our visit at Moana Kai Island House B. It was great for 3 pairs.

After we saw humpbacks jumping out of the landai, we could enjoy the food in the well-equipped galley. Situated on the beautiful isle. Without the cocks (which seemed to crow every evening around 1 o'clock in the morning) it would have been made. Tested by d.j. We found the building's qualities and the provision of important domestic items (e.g. soaps, detergents, stationery products) extraordinary.

It is as well cared for as the swimming pools and the landscape. Every day we wake up for a wonderful dawn, also thanks to our grandkids and the cockerel who lives next to them. The grandkids adored the swimming pools and all the games the home provided. At the different nice sandy beach of the isle we used the beach games well.

It was our first time in Kauai. Nice position. Simple entrance to the shore and cobbled path starts through the back entrance. Well equipped cuisine where I lived (many dishes, jars, pans, cookers, mixers etc.) Our whole familys like cooking and we have eaten almost every food in the farm.

I' d like to be back. A great place to spend the night! There were all the comforts for a pleasant sojourn and it was a big plus to have at hand boarding, snorkeling equipment, snorkeling boots and games. Definitely gonna be there when he gets back. Beautiful home! Prior to selecting this home, my husband and I did a great deal of research on condominiums in Kauai, which included some of the two and three-storey apartments promoted elsewhere.

We took a stroll one evening on the way behind our home and passed a large residential building that we had previously thought of. It is a great surprise that we have chosen Moana Kai Beach School! It is a nice and roomy estate. They were anything but irritating, and they are the most gorgeous cocks I have ever seen.

I' d like to come back and spend more than a week next year. The marriage of our daugher was wonderful and we were enjoying the whole of Luau's up to the falls. Beautiful place, lots of space, comfy and cosy bed, near the sea, whirlpool and containers full of toy on the sea (nice bonus)!

The only disadvantage is that there is no air conditioning in the home. I' d be back there. It is a wonderful 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms beachside cottage with stunning views. It is fully equipped with everything you could wish for. It is just a few paces from the Llanai and the shore is out of the gateway and maybe 50 ft from the Ilanai.

It was very simple for me to travel from here all over the entire length of the isle. I had a great time. It' a great place, especially when you have little kids. Toddlers are only a stroll away and our little girl used to love to go there. It is facing the sea and there is an uninterrupted, beautiful wind that keeps you chill.

I had a great stay in this nice apartment in Kapaa. Extreme roomy, fashionable, clean and well-appointed with everything you need, Moana Kai was the ideal place to begin our vacation in Hawaii. A whirlpool in the room was the ideal place to relax and observe the windsurfer and surf ers rolling towards the sea just 50 metres from the boat.

It was easy to go to the near stores and local restaurant (Ahi Taco's mermaids still piss me off!) & we could go to other places and places of interest without any problems. Mahalo, This is a wonderful beachsite with a lot of room and great equipment. One could not wish for a better position on this side of the isle.

It was a great dive for our 3 and 5 year old and for us! It is a great place to sit back and watch the sea breeze roll onto the sand beaches right in front of the chalet. It is possible to go to the restaurant on foot and then take a stroll along the shores.

There' s a young family sandy spot before renting or a windsurfing spot within easy walk. The Moana Kai is such a unique place. and I felt like I was living in a really pricey holiday home. That' the fourth one I' ve lived here at Moana Kai Beaches B. I really like this place.

I' ve been to Kauai many a time and this is definitely my favourite place. There is nothing better than the position, the ambience of the estate and the furnishings of this nice condominium. If I go in, it's like going to my own personal beachsite, with the shore right outside the Lani door.

My water fall and the swimming in the front garden, with the shore right behind it, are a permanent memory of my holiday in the lovely Kauai. They have recently added a great little footpath along the coast, which facilitates easy entry to the Kapaa city centre and onto the sandy shores. Stores and diners are only 5 minutes away on foot.

Listen to the ripples in front of the front door and enjoy the nice interior design and decoration. Love the light, vibrant images all over the place. Aside from the simple convenience, my favourite thing about this home is that the rising star is right on my doorstep. It was a pleasure to swim on the shore and watch the animals.

All the comforts of the home were neat and complete. All of us enjoy the entrance to a swimming bath and a whirlpool without leaving the courtyard. It was a great place to relax and a good starting point to visit the places of interest of the isle.

All in all, our sojourn there has established a new benchmark for us in terms of convenience and styling. It' difficult to think of living anywhere else in Kauai. If we are visiting Hawaii again, we will definitely be looking for an Aloha Condo home, no matter what kind of islands we are visiting next.

I was there for four nights and really enjoying the place. Plenty of space, nicely ornamented and many extra features, good entrance to the shore and the long hiking trail along the sea from Kapaa to the south. Every morning we got up early and observed the sunrise over the Pacific coast from the river Landai, then we took a long stroll by the sea....breathtaking and very relaxed.

The only disadvantage were the cocks; they are all over Kauai and crow like crazy at 5am! All in all we had a great time here and would definitely come back. This unbelievable house has been taken care of by my whole household for two consecutive years. It is the ideal layout to be shared with another pair or with another hostess, with the foreman separated from the other 2 rooms.

It is THE most wonderful, soothing, relaxed and stylish place I have ever spent a holiday in. Throughout the entire building, the building is adorned with unique and inspirational works of art, and each item of furnishings is convenient and pleasant to the eyes. It was simply great that I could really unwind in a neat, optically attractive and exciting area.

There were two of us renting this place. We' ve never been to Kauai before. The building was completely nice - the furnishing - the swimming pools - with a view of the sea. Before I decided to hire the A/C, I asked about the A/C, and I was said that there was a heavy wind coming through the building so we wouldn't need it.

I' ve increased the airflow windows in the main room by double since you came in. There were great bedding, everything we needed for our sojourn, great view and a whirlpool that was on! Thank you Jim for your contribution to a great time! It' an outdated building, though beautiful.

Aloha, great place!! A great home with all the comforts of a home. Enjoy the walk along the promenade and the area. We--we used to love the beachside cabin. The situation pleased us, because we could visit many places of interest comfortably. It is not very suitable for a swim. Many thanks for your evaluation and your stay in my home on the Kauai beaches.

But with Aloha, while the surrounding area is not the most attractive, the unity and conveniences were unsurpassed. We' re going to live in a billionaire's apartment in the middle of Kauai. I had a great enjoyment. We' had a great laugh at the Moana Kai Beaches. There was a wonderful setting, near shops and shops, and also near the sea (just a few short steps).

Otherwise we really enjoy our sojourn and would be there again if we ever had the opportunity! Nice house with a wonderful panoramic views. Situated in the centre of the city, hiking trail and the sea. The house is equipped with handcloths, toilets /activities, kitchenware, bathrooms (including hairdryers ), TV, grill, swimming pools and whirlpool.

Large sandy area / babieside within walk from. The number of articles made available for the visit was beyond our control. Thanks for a lovely visit. Earplugs were great, cocks were loud, but cute. "Marriage on Kauai" This was our first Kauai marriage.

We' had such a great part of our lives and we are so happy to have found Moana Kai. It' s a lovely home! There' been a couple of loud parties behind the building, too. The furnishings, cleanness and comforts of this home were also our passion.

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