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The spirit of Aloha and true Hawaiian culture is brought to dolphins and you. I' m a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Hawaii. I've been in social work for fifteen years. TO HAWAII: THERE'S NO INCOMING MISSILE TO HAWAII. If you are moving from HI, use our Hawaii Moving Guide.

I need a pass?

I' m going from NYC to Hawaii. My current work ( "H1B") level is up to 2010, but my previous year' s May (?2008) my previous year' s period is over. For the Hawaii journey that keeps this in mind cuz I didn't want to be dealing with renovating the visa right now to tour international. In Hawaii I was just notified that they are checking passport etc for travel and I can be requested a passport to go to Hawaii.

Thought about salting my NY ID just with me without ID as I thought Hawaii would be a home port for US and should not necessitate the hassle of the ID and visas etc. Anything you need to travel somewhere in the US will be okay for Hawaii.

Anything I can say is that going to HI would have the same demands as if you'd gone to Florida. It is a US state and a home to US people. When you are a US national ( "can't tell exactly from your mail if you are or not), you can go to Hawaii with nothing but a legal ID, you don't need a pass.

As a non-U.S. national, you will need a valid visa (not sure about the visa situation). "It'?s the Hawaii Passport" now. Why would a non-US national need a pass to get from New York to Hawaii? You know, it seems like your visa state is a little confused.

to Hawaii in not one intercontinental trip, so don't go through Customs/immigration where a pasprt would be requested. Since you are not a US national, I believe you must always have your pass with you, even if it is NOT necessary.

Well, whatever the case, looks like the O.R. Doesn't need a key. You need a photographic ID for your safety, not a pass. However, your visas must be in order, no matter what your circumstances. "I believe that since you are not a US national, you must always have your pass with you, even if it does NOT have to be used.

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