Explore Rijeka and wake up with a magnificent view of the Kvarner Bay. For more information about the port of RIJEKA, HR RJK. RIJEKA Port is also known as (RIJEKA MARTINSCICA L). Hire a holiday villa in Rijeka for a perfect and relaxing holiday. University of Rijeka, Sveu?

ili?te u Rijeci.

Accommodation and activities in Rijeka, Croatia

A new, something intimate and easy-going and everything full of activities and all around the summers - that's July in Rijeka in a while. Plo?e, one of the most beautiful in Rijeka, is once again the venue for the sixth LEN European Aquatics Day - Homo si pelivat!

About Rijeka, Kroatia - Rijeka Tourist Board

It is the county seat of Primorje-Gorski kotar and the third biggest town in Croatia in terms of population. It is located along the river Rje?ina and near many creeks. Rijeka, like many towns of the whole wide globe, bears the symbolic name of sea.

We' ll present you the story, facts and figures, the surrounding area.... - everything about Rijeka. Remains of the pre-historic fortresses ( "Solin" via Martin??ica, Trsatski Brijeq and Velli Verh - - above the river Rje?ina) date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Rijeka's evolution forced the recently arriving Croats to capture Tarsatica and begin construction of a new town. In 1848, during the citizens revolutions, the town was incorporated into the Banovina of Croatia, and the Republican Republic of Croatia's governing body, Josip Jela?i?, became Rijeka's gubernator. Rijeka's struggle between Croatia and Hungary intensified until the Croatian-Hungarian treaty, the so-called "krpica" krpica".....

The expansionary socioeconomic developments also boosted the population. Today Rijeka and its surrounding area has about 200,000 people. At the same time as it developed industrially, Rijeka became the center of the west of Croatia. In Rijeka, when you name Carolina Belinich, there is almost no passer-by who will not be smiling broadly.

"Carolina of Rijeka? If you are fortunate, you will learn the tale of a Rijeka woman, whose nature and deeds have been remembered by her citizens to this day, despite the fact that in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries she was the first woman in Rijeka. St. Vitus is the protector of the city of Rijeka, and in the Croat language Rijeka was known as "Rika Fluminis sancti Viti" or in Latin as "Rika suvetoga Vida".

The Rijeka arena is located between the ocean and the cliffs, and its unique and appealing location has won it third place on CNN's ranking of the most extraordinary stadia in the game. Discover Rijeka and its attractions through the cameralens, experience its ambience through shorts and let yourself be inspired to take home your own experiences, because nothing can substitute a face-to-face meeting with the town on the river Rje?ina

Rijeka's position makes it the ideal starting point to explore all the variety that it has to offer.

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