Best Hotels in Kauai

Top Hotels in Kauai

Maybe the best thing about all hotels on Kauai is that none is far from the sea. The most westerly coast of Hawaii combines every luxury imaginable with untouched surroundings, entertaining family fun and green tourism.

Kauai's Best Hotels and Accommodation

Maybe the best thing about all hotels on Kauai is that none is far from the seaside. Most of them are located right by the seaside, so you can jump from swimming pools to swimming pools and take a relaxed stroll along the beaches before or after supper. Every part of the isle has hotels, with the greatest focus on the eastern and southern sides.

Kauai offers a very diverse range of hotels, from lavish, luxury high-end hotels to smaller and more intimate hotels and large private hotels. High above the Hanalei cove is the luxury St. Regis Princeville Resort. The sandy beach is located below the rock where the swimming pools overlook the beautiful cove.

Smaller yests still nice and directly at the sea are luxurious destinations like the Sheraton Kauai Resort and the Hanalei Colony Resort. Whilst both are resting on sandy beach, the first is on the southern side and the second on the north. It' a good notion to go to the hotels of different people.

Every side of the isle is very different, and passing through different areas provides a view of the different items that make up Kauai. Its great position makes this property a real win. Best place for grocery and the many outside adventures that the eastern side (and the remainder of the island) has to provide, along with the nearest sands.

It is a good value for what it has to offer. From here you can hike to the beautiful Lydgate Beach Park, an ideal place for snorkelling for anyone who wants to explore the marine life. It is also suitable for the family and is humble yet beautiful.

There is a swimming Pool, like most hotels in the area, and you will find here essential comforts. Situated in the centre of the hotel's horseshoe-shaped complex, the beautiful swimmingpool at the resort includes four swimming baths, two whirlpools, a wellness area, a gym, a swimming bar and just about everything a holidaymaker needs.

Each of the 350 rooms is decorated in a very tropic garden design. There are artificial falls, a waterslide and half of the area is covered with sandy sands. It is a beautiful complement, because the shore in front of the door is not the best for a swim. If you want to go shopping or go to the sea, the resort is close to the magnificent bathing and snorkelling spots and the lovely Kapa' a city.

Lovely, picturesque, historical plantage houses form the extensive plantage village on the western side. From one to five bedroom small verandas, fully equipped galleys and hooffeet provide comfortable accommodation. It is cultivated as far as the sea, where a long, grey-black sandy shore spreads for kilometres but is not suitable for bathing.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best places to experience a pulsating sundown on the western side. There' is a lot of living room entertainment in the restaurants several times a day, and it's a good place to unwind, eat and listen to a lot of Hwaiian food and play in a very warm Tropicic. It is a great place for everyone from honeymoons to family.

Situated on the cliffs of Princeville, the residence is certainly suitable for a princely one, the residence is encircled by beautiful and secluded sands. It has a stunning panorama of Hanalei cove. There is an inflinity swimming pool in the cove where you can watch windsurfers on giant outcrops.

Most of them are only a few minutes away from the residence. Hanalei Village also has a variety of great stores and dining and some of the best to do. This picturesque and beautiful condo has 210 apartments, a swimmingpool with paddlestool, a dining room and a great spas with Aveda-items.

Situated in the centre of the city, this is known for having the highest quality apartments on the eastern side to reach the remainder of the isle. It is saltwater and has a river-like form. There is a sandy spot right outside, but generally it is more enjoyable to swim in the pools.

Three whirlpools, all with sandy floors and one for kids, are located on the site. The baths have bathtubs that are a true pleasure for a relaxed swim after a full days of trekking and beachtroog. Let's not forgetting that the two waterslides are great for the swimming pools.

Extravagantly, beautifully and directly at the shore! It is the kind of large resorts where visitors will find a wide selection of other people. Whether you are a honeymooner, a family or a friend on holiday together, this place can fulfill almost any wish. Situated in front of the sea and covering an area of 26,000 sqm.

This 366 room motel is located in the centre of the eastern side. That means that the most favourite Lihue rides, places to eat and shop are only a few minutes away by car. Sweet, stylish, unique, elegance and dreamlike - all these words can be used to describe Kiahuna Plantation and Beach Bungalows.

Embedded in a lush green park with a beautiful sandy shore that invites you to swim, the beautiful bungalow plantations are indeed planted like houses - and they are only a few moments away from the shore. Every one has a fully functioning cuisine that contributes to the lightness of being able to save your home by boiling at home or simply feel relaxed and at home, with the convenience and convenience of not really being at home.

Hanalei Colony is situated at the end of the Na Pali Coast street. Situated just a minutes walk from the best resorts on the islands, Ke'e and Haena Beachs. In addition, there are no phones, TV or stereo in the rooms, so visitors can relax on the quiet waters and appreciate the resorts serenity.

Each room has a private terrace that offers our clients a relaxed place to relax and have a good look at the sea. Situated only a brief car ride from Hanalei Village, the residence is near a number of astonishing dining, shopping and sights. Situated on a perfectly sandy spot with a beautiful sandy beaches.

This in itself is a bestseller for many people, but it's also good to know that the Sheraton Kauai is a high-end but not quite luxurious Sheraton Kauai accommodation. Its outdoor styling and insular d├ęcor add to the tropic flair.

Sheraton is a rather large complex with about 349 rooms with two swimming pools, a paddling pool, a spas, two diners and two stores, three indoor and outdoor sports complex. There is a wonderful, lavish and lavishly decorated private area, magic tropic garden, luxury spas, world-class courses, dining and of course many of Poipu's best beacons.

There is a tropic but very stylish tropic feel to the whole city. There is a small waterfall in the top swimming pools and kayaking in the reservoir. It is the perfect place for a holiday where you can relax and pamper yourself in luxurious surroundings.

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