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Are you looking for flights to French Polynesia? The Tuamotus, Huahinè and Tahiti absorb much swell that piles up from the southern storm belt to French Polynesia. Polynesia-French - LDS Statistics and ecclesiastical facts Thirteen years after the founding of the Church in the United States in May 1843, four men were sent by Joseph Smith as missionsaries to the United States. For six month Addison Pratt, Noah Rogers and Benjamin F. Grouard suffered great misery on the whaler Timoleon, which sailed to the Society Isles, now part of French Polynesia.

He began on the small Tubuai alone, where he christened 60 persons in the first year. It is regarded as the first misionary in a region of contemporary churching. Roger and Grouard continued to Tahiti at a point in Tahiti when everyone had been proclaimed religion.

Although they encountered many needs and resistances of other faiths, they were able to missionize on more than nine isles. They christened over 1,000 with Addison Pratt, who later followed them, before Elder Pratt returned to Salt Lake in 1848. In 1850, Elder Pratt returned with his ancestors.

That auspicious beginning for the Christian faith was stopped when the French regime shut down the French delegation in May 1852. The eviction of the evangelists caused the churches on the Pacific Isles to fight alone for years. In 1892, the evangelists, who returned, resumed settlements among those who had stood firm and built churches that contributed to speeding up the work.

The New Zealand temple's 1958 finalization was a boon to the Tahitian saints, who were loyal participants. Fifteen members of the Maupiti branch, about 160 leagues to the north-west of Tahiti, died on May 23, 1963, in the devastating maritime catastrophe of Latter-day Saints in the South Pacific, when the ship with which they returned from a church fell on the Maupiti wall.

The church established a primary education in Tahiti in 1964, the Tahiti Pole (diocese) was founded in 1972. Papeete-Tahiti Temple was inaugurated on October 27, 1983. Tahiti's second participation was founded in 1982, the third in 1990.

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