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The Tinwald is a town in Canterbury, New Zealand, today little more than a suburb of Ashburton. It is a guide to the history and most important genealogical records of Scotland as they relate to the municipality of Tinwald. Receive the Tinwald weather forecast. Cards, races & running clubs in TinwaldTrack & analyse your runs. Sat imagery of Tinwald, New Zealand and surroundings.

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The Tinwald Kirk was erected on the site of a former church opposite a moth. The Tinwald is a small town in Dumfries and Galloway, south-west Scotland, just northern of Locharbriggs outside Dumfries. It is also the name of a community in the province of Dumfriesshire. It is located near the former RAF Tinwald Downs, now the Dumfries Aviation Museum.

The city of Tinwald was the birth place of William Paterson (1658-1719), who contributed to the founding of the Bank of England.

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It is a guidebook to the Scottish heritage and most important genealogy notes as they relate to the municipality of Tinwald. For more information on how to use these data sets to find your own forefathers, go to Scotland: Scotland's New Statistical Report (pub. 1834-45) provides unique comprehensive and in-depth community reporting across Scotland on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from historical, agricultural, educational, trade, religious and welfare issues.

Proceedings of the pastors are available on-line at eedina. Click on'Browse Scan Pages' and browse the community report for Tinwald. Can also be found in the Family History Library. Censuses are a survey and descriptions of the populations carried out by the governments, sorted by places and households.

More about Scotland in Scotland using scotland landings. To view a listing of Family History Library microfilms for Tinwald Population Data, click here. Scotland's 1841-1911 Population Enumeration is indicated for Scotland. It was Presbyterianisch Die Established Church of Scotland war presbyterianisch. More about Scotland Church Record. These are the pre-1855 notes that existed for this community.

An index to these data sets can be found on the website of Scotland's Peoples, a pay-for-view website. Scottish Church The Scottish Church Records Index continues to be available in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. There do not seem to be any record of marriage or death for this vicarage. Keys to the parochial registers of Scotland, by V. Ben Bloxham, publish.

Kirk was the community judge. This meeting consisted of the pastor and the community landowners and businessmen selected for the meeting. Kirk's meeting addressed ethical questions, smaller penal cases, questions of the impoverished and educated, questions of disciplinary and general community concern.

Kyrgyz meeting recordings may also include childbirths, weddings and fatalities. This is a survivor's listing of meetings with this congregation: Notice: Available at the National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh, dataset CH2/1316. Non-conformist churches are any churches that are not the mainstream churches. For more information on non-conformity in Scotland, see the Scotland Church World Lists report.

In 1834, however, there were 19 dissident and secederist families, one independent and two Roman Catholics within the cloister. The state or civilian recording of birth, marriage and death (also known as legal records) began on 1 January 1855 in Scotland. Every municipality has a registry and large towns have several.

Recordings are prepared by the registries and sent to the General Register Office in Edinburgh. Yearly indices are then compiled for the data sets for the whole state. For more information and to get to the recordings, see the Scottish Register of Citizens. Until 1823 Tinwald was subject to the estate court of the commissariat of Dumfries and has been subject to the Sheriff's Court of Dumfries ever since.

Bequest documents for 1513-1901 are indices available on-line at ScotlandSpeople. You must be registered on the website, but use of the will index, called'Wills & Testaments', is free. Then you can buy a copy of the original or, if the original is before 1823, on microfiche in the Family History Library.

In order to find the numbers of microfilms, please look in the catalogue for the "place names" of Dumfries and the topic "estate records". Then click on the links to the recordings of the Commissariat of Dumfries. There are also some papers in the Dumfries estate after 1823. Browse the catalogue for the'place names' of Dumfries and the topics'Inheritance Directories' and'Inheritance Directories - Directories'.

More about Scotland Probate Records. Back to the Dumfriesshire rectory register.

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