A charming resort on the island of Giravaru, South Male Atoll. The Giravaru Tourist Resort presents the untouched charm and natural beauty of the Maldives. The island of Giravaru is home to the natives of the Maldives. Take advantage of STAYINTL and get a discount on your Giravaru hotel booking. Complete Giravaru MV hotels and motels with travel reports, maps and prices of large hotel chains.

Guravaru Tourist Resort Hotel - Maldives

Well-equipped rooms with 24 hour freshwater (shower warm and cold), IDD telephone, satellite TV and in-house films, coffee store, discotheque, karaoke, tennis courts with floodlight, SSI certification, aquatic sports (diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, sailing), mini-shopping centre. Area 28131 sq. m. 02 entrances to the sandy shore, housereef 20 m. from the sea.

Guraavaru is located in the northern Male' Atoll, 11 km western of the main city of Male. By continuing to browse this site, you accept the conditions of use. If you wish to learn more about our cookie policies, please click here ,If you choose to browse this site further, you accept the conditions of use.

Guravaru Tourist Resort - Maldives Resort Island

The Giravaru Tourist Resort offers you the possibility to enjoy the untouched charms of the Maldives in an environment designed to offer you the best comfort without compromising the islands unspoilt beauties. Giravaru, the isle of your dream, is easy to reach, only 15 min by speedboat from Male International Airport.

Featuring a selection of over 20 of the world's most spoken dive spots, with seasoned dive professionals to accompany you and take you to some of the best-kept mysteries in the deep. The Giravaru envelops you in comforts, offering you the best gastronomic pleasures and allowing you to experience some of the most exciting adventures you have ever had in your lifetime - either on shore or at Sea.

The Giravaru Tourist Resort is the perfect place to make your dreams come true. Maldives TBI, Opera House, Chandhanee Magu, Male.

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way= "list-style: disc;margin: 10px 5px;">The Maldives' lovely islands are a scenic archive of thousand of coral islands spread all over the Indian Ocean, forming a "world on one island"! The astonishing and diverse Maldives marine life makes it an ideal place for snorkeling and scubaiving. The Maldives has some of the best sandy areas in the whole wide range, full of the whiteest sand along the bright turquoise water, making it a paradise for those who love it.

The Maldive Islands are an archipelago of diversity, built in shimmering wall corals and extraordinary caverns with shoals of sea colour. Several of the world's most prestigious hotels are competing for the highlights of luxurious cuisine. The hotels in the Maldive Islands are certainly among the best in the over all.

Maldivian resorts include both luxurious real estate and budgeting opportunities that meet the current backpacker trends. Maldivian resorts attracts family, scuba diver and other people. These 5-star Maldivian resorts are luxurious real estate with their own privately owned islets. This Maldivian resort offers snorkeling, scuba dives and other aquatic sport services, including accommodation prices.

5 star Maldivian hotel facilities include en-suite swimming pool, butler, room massage and upholstery. Drift Thelu Veliga Retreat, Adaraan Prestige Ocean Villas, Coco Bodu Hithi and KIHAAD Malldives are some of the 5-star Maldiveas. These 3-star Maldivian establishments are geared to the different needs of guests from all over the underworld.

This Maldivian hotel has its own spa, pool and other amenities to meet all the luxurious needs of its host. Reveries Diving Village, Rani Beach Maldives, Arena Lodge and Summer Villa Guest Houses are some 3-star resorts in the Malkdives. Budgeted Maldivian hostels are fully fitted and thoroughly decorated to serve backpackers and those on a reasonable price.

Ukulhas Inn and Batuta Maldives Surf Views Guesthouse are some of the cheapest accommodation in the Maldives. The Maldives receive a large number of visitors all year round and it is therefore advisable to book in advance in order to prevent last-minute trouble. If you book a luxurious Maldives resort, you can take advantage of our facilities such as spas, mini-bars, rental and more, including the cost of the resort.

During the high tourist seasons, you will find a wide range of accommodation in the Maldives. Making the most of your Maldives trip by staying in a good Maldives resort and taking advantage of opportunities for sightseeing. This is the most beloved place and the biggest town of the Maldives.

The Sun Island Estate and Spas is one of the best places to remain while you are here. Island Alimatha: The Alimatha Aquatic and VOI Dhiggiri Resorts and Rihiveli by Castaway Hotels & Escapes are just some of the places that guarantee a pleasant stop. Maldives' most important Maldives international airports is Male International Airports.

Connecting the Maldive Islands to almost every large city in the whole wide globe. Nearly every airline flies to the Máladive Islands. There is a free 30-day Maldivian Visas, which can be prolonged to 90 nights on demand. Take advantage of the best Maldivian accommodation options and get great value for Maldivian accommodation.

Maldives 140 best properties begin at 976 with some of the best offers.

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