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Some days you just need a holiday. Kihei Shopping minutes, Dining View photos, reviews and prices for this apartment in Kihei, Hawaii. Seafront luxurious holiday homes on Laguna Beach. The Lanai is a great place to rejuvenate in a quiet tropical paradise!

Lanai's holiday diary

and I jumped to an isle where none of us were, lanai. The Four Seasons Lanai inviting us to their home many month ago was just a question of "when" for us to find the right escape. Having coordinated with the astonishing Four Seasons Lanai crew, my man took me by surprise with a two person romance trip full of dawn walks on the shore, sundown talks over tasty meals and {I won't lie} a few evenings of rooming and filming.

Most of the while I zoom through the towns and try to catch and exchange astonishing music. And after a wacky weekend in Paris, this was exactly what the physician had ordered. Four Seasons Lanai is secluded in the best way. It is the only resort on the islands and offers everything you want to do in Hawaii.

To be honest, we didn't do much on this journey and it was totally awesome. I' m going to make another contribution this weekend with a compilation of pictures of the grounds, but in the meantime I wanted to publish some pictures I took during the journey.

The Lanai will make you think that the whole isle has been made for your own pleasure.

The Lanai will make you think that the whole isle has been made for your own pleasure. Lanai, like its twin Molokai is a small isle, ideal for those seeking shelter. Where Molokai is about flight, Lanai is about exclusiveness. Formerly the biggest pinapple orchard in the word, it is now home to luxury resort and master-castles.

Read about all the holiday experiences Lanai has to offers and find out more about all 6 big Icelandic Hawaii. While there are no scheduled services to Lanai, some domestic carriers operate from Maui or Oahu. The Lanai City and the neighbouring highland are several hundred metres above the surface and are therefore somewhat colder than the coastal areas.

Lanai guests can select between two Four Season Resorts. It is a real haven, equipped with a stables of well-kept mountaineers for the exploration of its itineraries. When you are looking for total relax, prospects you will never forgotten, and a royal indulgence, Lanai calls your name. 4WD and walking shoes are a must to explore Lanai.

Hire a Lanai City car and ride through the pine forests of the Munroe Trail to Lanaihale Peak or down to the indigenous sandal, oil and wood species of the Kanepuuu Preserve. Romanticism is a matter of course in Lanai. Seemingly the sparse countryside of Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods) is deprived of the sumptuous sensuousness of the remainder of the island.

Lanai`s loneliness and tranquillity make it ideal for romance: you will find secluded beaches where no one but you are. Which are the best in Lanai? For the best places in Lanai, try this list: Meanwhile, experienced pilgrims to the Lanai Cathedrals, solid lanai pipes with "stained glasses windows" of aqua purple and a whole rectory of colourful marine life.

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