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Port-Christmas Island

For more information about the port of CHRISTMAS ISLAND, CX XCH. Harbour of CHRISTMAS ISLAND is also known as. You can find a list of the seaports of Christmas Island on the map and can read information about their size, coordinates, restrictions, water depth etc. here. The Port of Christmas Island, business opportunities on Christmas Island, photos and videos, contact information.

Also the exploration of the waters around the island is an experience not to be missed.

Regulatory background

is an outskirts of Australia. It is managed by the d├ępartement on whose name the minister is responsible for the territories. The Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), for example, contains rules that prevent it from being applied to Christmas Island. In 1958, the Christmas Island Act (Cth) formed the legal foundation for the administration, legislation and justice system of the area.

Christmas Island law: Christmas Island is a constituency of the Commonwealth Division of Lingiari in the Northern Territory. After the Second World War, Christmas Island fell under the responsibility of the new UK settlement of Singapore. Since then, it has been an independent crown settlement until it was transferred to Australia on January 1, 1958.

Christmas Island Australia in 1958 is a Territory Holiday, which is held every year on the first Monday in October. Up until 1992, the law of Christmas Island was largely dictated by the law of the Singapore colony. Government ministries are supported by: Indian Ocean TerritoriesHealthService ( "IOTHS") offers a full line of healthcare, care and complementary healthcare from the Christmas IslandShospital.

As many other isolated places on the continent, specialized service is not always available on Christmas Island. Christmas Island is visited by healthcare professionals to offer orthopaedic, obstetric and gynaecological care, pediatrics, ear, ophthalmology, radiotherapy and women's wellbeing. In the event of an emergencies exceeding the capacities of your area' s ressources, your physician may advise you to evacuate to Perth.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) provides municipal police service on Christmas Island.

Repair of the port infrastructures on Christmas Island

I' m happy to be able to provide you with the following updated on the advances in the repair of crucial port infrastructures on Christmas Island. The municipality knows that the harbour cranes have been out of operation since the breakdown of its slewing ring in February. This part was made in Germany and is now on its way to Singapore, from where it will be sent to Christmas Island.

As I know, the slewing ring will reach the island in mid-August and the cranes will be put back into operation after the assembly work has been finished. We expect this at the end of August. It will support the harbour cran. Work on the truck is about to begin on its ten-year certifications, which are scheduled for the end of July in Perth.

Once the certifying work has been completed, the cranes will be shipped to Darwin, from where they will be taken by inland waterway to Christmas Island. It is planned that the ship will reach Christmas Island in early August and unload it with the ship's overhead mast. After start-up, test and instruction, the hoist is available as a back-up for the harbour cran.

Knowing that the recent disruptions to the municipal infrastructures have given me some cause for alarm, I would like to thank you for your leniency, while the department has worked with the port managers, PRL and Zentner to take action to minimize the outage.

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