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Polynesia, Tahiti

Favourites in Tahiti Our PCC Pane'e CEO reported that tasting Faroa opa'a or traditionally produced coir loaf is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the town. So what do you think is the second favourite thing to see or even try in the Tahiti Town?

tamures - tacitian dance and drumming: "The Tahiti dance is also very much loved by our visitors - the hip moves for the ladies, the knee knocks for the men and the drum draws the crowd to our village," Pane'e says. It declares that the more common hollow trunks, which are skinned at one or both ends and play with either hand or drumstick, are the more common hollow trunks and use different rhythm and different kinds of drum that are loose between to' ere - strong wood twigs of different length and diameter to produce different pitch with a long slot cut out on one side - and tapu.

Keep an eye on their palms and you will see that they almost always move up and down," she goes on. One of the newer characteristics of the Tahiti village of the PCC is the small preserve with a low rock-walls. Families went back to Tahiti when she was a child.

"I' ve been taking lessons in Tahiti for six years at primary and secondary schools, but it didn't really work for me; but when I went to my grand-parents, they talked to me in Tahiti. But I would reply in French," she says with a lovely touch. Another example of a young grown-up who adapts to his legacy is Ranui Arapari.

"It was only when I was 17 years old that I entered Tibetan civilization, but since then I have learned to drum, make and sing drums. It was Joyeux Noël - Merry Christmas, in French - Pane'e wish us. Christmas in Tahiti actually begins with a Christmas Eve supper, which we call Reveillon.

"Pane'e says, "In our society, it' s the whole thing about families.

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