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Learn how we support the advancement of youth in Aitutaki' s youth in terms of good-being. One of the catalysts for this is the amount of food and refreshments that are available to youngsters ( "soft drinks") that have been prepared and used. Furthermore, the local school is dependent on assistance and has no raw material and many pupils abandon their schooling prematurely.

We work with the schools through our charitable organization The Travel Teacher Foundation to meet the needs and provide a better tomorrow for all. We' re happy to be able to part with you an on-going student owned an orchard and kitchen gardens financed by our charitable organization.

It allows the nursery to cultivate and cultivate fruit and vegetable that can be a good replacement for the food used in the nursery. Teachers manage and maintain the gardens, giving them a responsible approach and a place to work.

Hopefully the gardens will provide an opportunities for companies to resource neighboring communities in the near term, leading to additional funding for the schools.


Hire a vehicle in Raro. It is very easily accessible and there are many beautiful places to discover. Use your own snorkeling masks and snorkeling when you feel like snorkeling, because there are many great snorkeling sites. On Saturday mornings, there are a number of bead growers at the Raro market.

That little islander is trying to save on plastics. Because of the tropics, you need to remain moisturized, and you can do your bit to reduce the amount of garbage by taking your own bottled drink. There' s so much to do in Raro, but the isle is small, which makes it simple to do and see everything, so keep in mind to chill out and adjust your clock to raro tim.

Discover the best places to dine and dine on vacation in Rarotonga! Gina Prosser and her husbands went on a seven-day wedding trip on the Rarotonga Islands with the help of Ellen Lee from brightoworld Waipukurau. Enjoy the aromas of Rarotonga. Rarotonga, says Paul Robinson of brightoworld Blenheim, is a great place to go on vacation.

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