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Onward Resort&Golf - Talofo Golf Club - Onward Resort & Golf GUAM USA. Locate the perfect Guam Resort Package and Guam Resorts for your Guam Resort Holiday. Locate the Westin Resort Guam for your trip to Guam. The Hilton Guam Resort and Spa was critically reviewed by tennis travel expert Roger Cox, as well as comments from holidaymakers. Guam Beach Resort guests will be available at Dusit Thani Guam Resort.

Thani Dusit - Guam Resort - 75 photos and 18 reviews - Resorts - 1227 Pale San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam - Telephone number

The best in Guam! This is an outstanding team. Astonishing view of the beach/ocean. This is probably one of the few places in Guam where you can prepare great drinks. This has just shown how first class and thoughtful the services were, and it definitely made me come back! It was a great place to eat and they had delicious lobster, prawns, freshly baked fish, prawns, red rices, calves, kelaguens... etc. It was a great place to eat, but it was quite expensive.

Nonetheless, the vibrant display of our vibrant vibes was breathtaking. If you don't get "sea view" seating that is more pricey, seating somewhere in the dining room will give you a sea look. I' m not here yet about the rooms, so I can't say much about them, but I intend to be here soon!

In the next room we remained at the jib, but we got to hear so much about "Guam's only 5-star resort" that we had to try it out for a while. Although they were the only ones in the cafe, it took them about 20 min to make us our 2 beverages, which made us come to them quickly to get a quick drinking or too later for our massages in our leg.

Beverages themselves were really good and the views were wonderful, but with the carefree disrespect for disabled access to their facilities and the mad waiting for two beverages we were happy that we had not reserved to remain here while we were in Guam. Excellent services, kind personnel. I' m not recommending this place.

This is my first priority when I'm in Guam! Rooms, views, services, meals, location and only the entire holiday package make your stay in this place inexpensive. But without going into detail, I'll say they took me in as well as they could because they knew I was tired..... the standard of support here was astonishing!

I' ve been here for two weeks and I' m very happy with the place. This is such a beautiful panorama from this altitude, but during lunchtime you will be shattered by the sundown. When you get a room with sea views, you have a beautiful look at the sundown. You will find many Asiatic visitors in this place (mainly Japanese), so to see the native Guamers, you will either: a) make friend with the staff in this area or b) have to leave the neighborhood to go to the shops or to eat.

Dusit Thani Guam Resort is THE place in Guam where meetings take place. There is a beautiful atmosphere, the staff has a great level of client services and the views of the tumour stripe are great. and the only thing I took off a badge was because the meal could actually be taken or missed.

It' s about the Aqua Restaurant..... Enjoying the meal, the landscape and the fact that my children like to eat and look out the windows are great snapshots..... Aqua is always recommended to my relatives and my mates. The personnel is great, always smiles and controls us.

That' is what our customerservice is about. We spent this months in Guam Dusit Thani in a small apartment for a short break for the family. This room has a breathtaking panoramic sight, similar to Waikiki, but the beach is better because it is not too overcrowded. Dinner was good, the waiters were great and the whole area of the hotels was nice and sober.

I' d also suggest this place for couples and families with small children. It is unbelievable. The best lodgings in Guam by far. We' re staying in this motel for a whole weekend. I think this is the latest one, but there are already so many issues. The personnel is friendly (in the centre of the city).

Another thing there is a roast chef in a motel personnel are cute, but do not order a $200 rack of roast meen. It' a very old and downhearted place. Since we couldn't stay in this motel at 3:30 in the morning, we walked through the street to move.

First we see this newly designed motel on the shore and choose to take a stroll in the foyer and admire the contemporary invention. All of the workforce is astonishing, from glockenspiels, server, cash invitations to tender to top manager. In Guam we were not so much struck by the nutritional offerings that were well. Dinner at the motel was fantastic!

Guam Best Guam Best Guam Best Services Best Dinner Cheers! Services - Welcome and very useful. I am new to luxurious resorts. You will find deckchairs all the way around the swimming pools, but there is almost no shadow unless you want to get a sunbath. I advise you to go down early for a sunbath.

Nice hôtel! Our customers are always so kind and inviting. I ate at the Aqua for the luncheon bar and the meal is tasty. I' ve also been to a Christmas celebration there and everything about it was incredible. It was probably by far the best choice I ever had and it was so good.

Also the views are great. I' ve nothing to say about this place! The meals and services are excellent and I recommend myself for lovely excursions and private afternoons. Firstly, it is Guam and I am used to it now, and secondly, it has really paid off. Dining is great, the rooms are lovely and the services are first class.

We have some great properties on this isle and now we've stuck with most of them and ate them all. This new 5-star hotel has new dining options for our whole team! Soi' s Thai cuisine is exquisit and made fresh from high class raw materials. Pleasant personnel, great view, nice equipment.

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