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Actual local time in Guam. Guam USA is your "business smart destination" for both new and experienced investors seeking the ultimate investment goal. Guam is the southernmost island in the Mariana chain and the largest (and most populous) island in Micronesia. Book a rental car from National Car Rental/Alamo Guam to get our best price. Locate the best car rental deals, last minute deals and upgrades online.

Things you should be wearing in Guam

Wonder what to do in Guam in summer? With a small US area only 30 nine-mile long and 9-mile in Micronesia, Guam's is one of the best and most beautiful places in the whole Caribbean, TripAdvisor and Fodor's have chosen it, so wrap up your swimsuit! Guam's Marianas Trench is contrasting with its marine life with its marine life and protected coastline which makes it an ideal place for snorkellers and scuba-diving.

August is a hottest but favourite season to discover Guam due to the intensive hours of the day and the humid conditions (85-95%). As a rule, the weather is from the low to mid 1980s in summers; the accommodation is air-conditioned. Recall your driver's licence as riding in Guam is simple and comfortable for North Americans, although intermittent areas of Tamuning or Tumon can be very busy.

As a result, US dollar is easily acquired from bankers and widely used as a means of payment for major transactions such as bank accounts, travellers' cheques and debit notes. Please take an submarine or smart phone with you and do not neglect to wrap an overvoltage protection. In Guam, only bigger cities could have emergency generating sets for the common blackouts. Local Chamorros and US expatriates on Guam are usually casual wearing petrol tanks and trousers.

These are some hints for the " Islandstyle " attire: what to do in Guam: Use a long sleeved sneaker top to catch the sunset on the cliffy shelves on the beaches of the city. Wrap a spike protector to avoid scratches on submerged parts of corals. Take your waterproof boots to the low tide to the Ritidian Red Sea or to see the colourful sea world near Tanguisson Bay.

Just like the natives, you' ll need to put on your trousers and a tanktop with hiking boots to see the Lonfit River Falls and the 1997 Air Korea Memorial or Piti WW2 Guns Parks of Piti Village Church. You can also carry crocs to fish near the dock in the early hours of the day or just before sundown.

Snorkellers and divers will love Guam, where you can see windsurfing short on and off the shore. Thongs like Zori Flip-Flops are often used, but are not perfect for discovering a cavern with a torch on the sands. Wrap a nice blanket that you can wrap over a swimsuit near the water.

You can easily find your favourite glasses on Guam, but you should bring them from home. Tumon Hotel offers wicker baskets under parasols on the bank, but you will still want to wrap a broad brimmed cap. Mosquitos can be a nuisance, so it is a good idea to wrap a case of mosquito wipes for use.

Shave cream and sunscreen make you fit for the shore, together with Cover Girl Triple or Clinique High Impact SPF Lip Sticks. After forgetting your prescribed medication, pharmacies are easily found and can replenish them from home recipes. The city has all the comforts and has a lot to discover on the islands and in the Pacific.

So what are your advice on what to wear in Guam? More packaging hints for the South Pacific can be found here: Well, I just wanted you to like what you're supposed to be wearing in Guam.

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