Guam City

Guam City

There are no current reports for CITY LETTER CARRIER salaries in Guam, MO. Holidays in Guam, Guam at low prices. Agana is part of the city of Guam from the fortress.

As a rule, the Library of Congress has no right to materials in its collection and therefore cannot give or refuse to permit the publication or other distribution of the same. It is your own risk to evaluate the permissions. You can also buy a copy of various models through the Library of Congress Duplication Services. When the display shows a picture:

Some of the quality of the picture depends on whether it was produced from the source or an intermediary product such as a copy reject or a film. When the above box contains a rendition number beginning with LC-DIG...., then there is a direct digitized picture from the source that has adequate resolutions for most publishing use.

When the above box contains information about the number of the reproduction: Use the duplication number to obtain a copy of Duplication Services. In case only monochrome ("b/w") resources are mentioned and you would like a copy with colour or shading (provided that the document has one), you can usually acquire a copy of the originals in colour by specifying the above number and the catalogue entry ("About this article") together with your Inquiry.

When the Reproduction number box does not contain any information: As a rule, you can buy a copy of your copy via the duplication service. Enter the telephone number above and add the catalogue entry ("About this article") to your inquiry. To see the originals, please follow the procedure below to see if you need to complete a delivery note in the Print and Photo Reading Room.

Occasionally a replacement picture (surrogate) is available, often in the shape of a superimposed picture, a copy printout or a film. Yes, the article is digitised. Before you request the originals, please use the photo. You can view all the pictures in one large format if you are in any of the Library of Congress's rooms.

Only thumbnails (small) pictures are available in some cases if you are outside the Library because the object has limited privileges or has not been checked for limitations on privileges. No. The article is not digitalized. Are the above digits indicating that a non-digital surround is available, e.g. a copy or film?

Our referees can take you to this substitutes. When you do not see a picture of a dumbnail or a link to another substitute, please fill in a call form in the reading room for prints and photographs. Our referees can help you fill out a delivery note or deliver the article.

In order to get in touch with the reference personnel in the Print and Photography Room, please use our Ask A Library or call the room between 8:30 am and 5:00 am at 202-707-6394 and press 3.

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