Molokai Attractions

The Molokai Attractions

The Molokai is like no other island. The sightseeing possibilities in Molokai are rich and varied. As sparkling as a jewel in the Pacific Ocean, Molokai Island, Hawaii is a remote tropical destination. Molokai is one of the top ten island destinations in the world. One day fly/trip is an excellent way to discover Molokai and its treasures.

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Lonesome Isle, Friendly Isle, the Hawaiian Island: While Molokai has no brake lights, over the years it has had its fair share in the nickname. Though the Molokai Ranch - home of two of Molokai's three full-service hostels - is shut down, you can discover the island's main attractions while spending the night at the recently refurbished Molokai Hotel, in a condominium or B&B or as part of a day-trip Maui ferry excursion from Maui.

Molokai's most popular tourist destination is also its most dramatic - and inspirational. For 16 years, Father Damien, a Belgium clergyman, assisted with the nursing of the ill and deceased, created houses and built houses and churches), until he too passed away in 1889 from the now treated sickness. The Isle of Damien celebrated its coming in 1873 with the "Blessed Damien Day" on May 10th.

9 mile trailer (guided routes possible) or with a flight to Kalaupapa airport as provided by Paragon Airlines. The park is free of charge, but a reservation is necessary for business trips, excursions on mules and flight. Situated in the luxuriant East Molokai area, this is the oldest Polish village on the archipelago, over 1,300 years old.

As the path leads to the cascades through privately owned properties, take a led walk from Molokai in Kaunakakai and Dive to find out more about the region's histories. Molokai Liveaboard also provides cruising along the island's renowned oceanic cliffs, which offer even more stunning waterfall experiences, as well as other aquatic and terrestrial experiences.

Three-mile wide sands and seldom another individual in view - that is the bait of West Molokai's characteristic line. Anticipate even fewer travellers in Papohaku as the Molokai Ranch's nearest accommodation is closed. Visit the Kualapuuu coffeeplantation for a pick-me-up "Mocha Mama" - a mixture of expresso, hot chocolate und icecream - or let the mule-drawn cars take you on a ride to the cemetery.

There are also opportunities for a 360-degree walk through the coffeefields or a self-managed walk up Kualapuuu Hill to get a 360-degree panoramic look at the isle. There is also a free, self-guided decks trip that sheds light on the Hawaiian coffeehouse world. The flavours of the new toaster will entice you to try one of several 100 per cent Molokai beans.

After the Molokai Lodge closed, the Na Ohana Hoaloha ("Aloha Family") have relocated their Sunday evening folk songs and tiki show to Hawaii, where they will be performed from 4 pm to 6 pm.

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