Papeete Faaa

Faaa Papeete

Luxury apartment completely renovated, in a residence with swimming pool and fitness room with sea view near the city centre of Papeete. Faaa International Baggage Rack - Papeete Message Board We' d like to put one of our big bags at the Faaa International Station. I' ve been told that there is a camp at Faaa International Arrival and Departure airports. Are you able to safely keep your baggage for up to 4 nights? Hello, we used the left baggage office at Faa'a International Air.

Prices (2013) for 24 hours storing are 420 CRP for a small pouch, 670 CRP for a middle pouch and 765 CRP for a large pouch. Accommodation in the hotel and some guesthouses offers free left-overs. So when you used the left-racks, it was for a few nights or just a one?

You know if they're okay with four whole-day? Baggage is sealed and in a safe place. I' ll be checking the baggage room at the Tahiti International Terminal if we get to Tahiti before the trip, but unfortunately we get there at 10 pm and they shut down.

Baggage is kept in a room with many racks for loading. They can save you just have to make the payment. Do you have your baggage in storage at the Aiport? We' ll visit Moorea, Huahine and Bora Bora and would rather not take it for nine nights.

Anybody know the latest rates or the baggage room at the Aiport? We' d like to keep one or even two pieces of hold baggage of 15 to 20 kg each for 9-day. "Do you know the latest rates or the baggage drop at the airfield? Hello, Ingrid, did you put your baggage at the P. P.T. Aiport?

Helen, I would suggest you look for the website of Faaa Aiport. You' ll see the left baggage claim immediately, it must have been less than $20 US.

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