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Fiji package deals are now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities. You are invited to create unforgettable moments with the magic of Fiji. Special Fiji Airways? - The Forum in Fiji Specials from Fiji Airways? Straight amazing if anyone knows about how often Fiji Airways have specials?

Specials from Fiji Airways? Did you sign up for her Bula-Post? There was a feature in my mailbox last night, inclusive CHF for Nadi $396 (normal conditions). Specials from Fiji Airways? Today I received an e-mail from you for your Australian flights specials.

Register for your Bula-Mail and you will receive regular invitations and news about your purchases. They' ve got great prizes when they're on offer. From Melbourne, for example, we flew back 2 grown-ups and 2 children under 12 years for $1700 AUD. One tip that a pensioned agency gave me was to make separate reservations for the round trip, as the Fiji-AU trip was in FJD, which saves a few hundred bucks.

Special Fiji Airways? Special Fiji Airways? Special Fiji Airways? Special Fiji Airways? Special Fiji Airways? I' d buy now, they won't get cheap, the cheap ones are sold out quickly. Special Fiji Airways? Special Fiji Airways? I don't know if you have Jetstar from Melbourne, it's usually less expensive. Special Fiji Airways?

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First-class holiday packages & specials

The Fiji holidays are one of these quiet South Pacific destinations. Fares, accommodation, transfer, food and even some drinks and activites are contained in many of our Fiji holiday packs. When you arrive on the Viti Levu Principal Isle, you can spend two overnight stays and then seven overnight stays in an exquisite privately owned holiday destination.

Sound great for honeymoons or other occasions, don't they?

Ultimate combination

If you arrive on your honeymoon, on your wedding trip, as a pair, divers, fisherman, your whole familiy, single traveler, adventurer or part of a group, we can provide you with a holiday pack that will help you to make the most of your stay in Fiji. At Mango Bay, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today and let us know your interests and we will put together a tailor-made set of opportunities to match your interests.

Please also have a look at our packages below to find an offer that suits your interest. Extra diving (over 10 dives) $80/dive. Options: Beqa Island diving excursion fj$100 upcharge. Fj$150 Beqa sharksize. Including free rental gear. Requirement: at least 2 logged sessions per night. Australasia: 6 logged open water tanks - 2 Coral Coast tanks, 2 Beqa Island trips, 2 Beqa sharks.

Included in the package:

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