Tiputa Rangiroa French Polynesia

Hintuta Rangiroa French Polynesia

This is Claudine T. Rangiroa, French Polynesia. Booking a dive on the Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa with a professional center. Dive Tiputa and Avatoru Pass. Short-to-shark diving and more in Rangiroa, French Polynesia.

It describes his first dive in the Tiputa Pass.

Yangiroa Tiputa Lodge, Avatoru - Update 2018 Rates

It is 1 min walking distance from the sea. The Rangiroa Tiputa Lodge has rooms with free WiFi in Tiputa, 1.5 km from the Tiputa Pass and the center of the town. There is also a free bicycle service in the area. There is a sitting area, a TV with satellites, a kitchen, a dinette and a separate bath room with showers.

WiFi and free transfer to and from the airports are available at extra cost.

Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa - Forum French Polynesia

If you are asking yourself if it is worthwhile to go to Rangiroa to go scuba to see the Tiputa Pass.... here is your reply. In June we dived with TopDive and they had a Videofilmer (Jean-Marie) with them on one of our run over the Tiputa Pass. This is the tape he made for our group.

We' ve also dived the Tiputa Passport with TopDive (June 28th and 29th) and your videotape could have been ours. This is an unbelievable diving experience and a wish note for everyone. TopDive is also a first rate group of professionals! The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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Best dive spots in the Tiputa passes

The Tiputa Passo is often regarded as the Mecca for scuba diver in north-eastern French Polynesia and is one of the best dive spots in the canyon. He is especially known for his innumerable grey and shovelhead shark, but also for his mantas and white stingrays. Situated between the towns of Tiputa and Avatoru and north-east of the Rangiroa tunnel in the Tuamotu archipelago.

Avatoru Passport, just a few hundred metres from Tiputa Passport, is also very popular and earns part of your scuba diver experience. In order to make a reservation for a dives at one of the Tiputa or Avatoru passes, please go to the pages of our Rangiroa centres and select your dives.

An exploratory or scuba course can be booked. After your reservation you will get all necessary information about your dives and will be directly contact by the base. We will start this first round at right angle to the end of the mountain passes. The name comes from a cavern about 35 metres underwater.

Despite its name, this cavern has no shark and it is in fact the scuba diving people who are hiding there, so that grey shark are approaching without awe. Actually, a shark is more scared of a scuba diving person than the opposite. A long current dives leads the cliff climber into the Laguna.

While diving, the snorkeler passes through a large cavern populated by gorgeous colorful coral and small fishing. PADI Open Waters Levels 1 scuba diving will not descend into the cavern, but the site is still deserving of a visit. This is a similar beginning to the Tiputa cavern dives, but during the course of the drop dives half of the way down into the crevasses, gorges and caverns of the Tiputa Cavern.

The gorges cross the passes and are particularly interesting in June, during the nesting period of grey shark, as they are home to several hundred of them. Furthermore, only a few splendid S. Mokaran, giant shovelheads, often occur in a canyon. From the Tiputa mountain passes estuary, the tour ends in the Laguna.

Diving there from January to March is highly recommended as the S. Mokaran, huge shovelheads, are found in large numbers at the site to go hunting at depths between 40 and 55 metres. Big banks of Lepard Ray also group together and use the group strategies to get away from Hammerheads.

These dives start at the mountain passes, you go directly into the water to get there. Aim of this dives is to cover the whole passport. To do this, it is necessary to go rather low, towards 50 metres, where the flow is less strong than at the top.

Diving at this deep is also possible with grey fishes, which accumulate there in tens. In the second half of the dives the group usually walks past the grotto and resumes their current diving to the Laguna. Departing from a large drop-off, 350 metres from the entry point of the passport, protected from the powerful initial current, the diver approaches the passport entry.

This gorgeous drip-off on your right side and dropping off in dark blues allows PADI Open Water Divers to div between 25-26 depths, but also to encounter great pelagic animals like delphins, mantas, white stingrays, napoleons, tunas or tortoises. It begins at the same altitude as the above wind mill dives, but about 300 metres from the waterfall to allow a descend into the blues.

It has an mean deepness of almost 250 metres. Aim of this open sea diving is to swim with the albimarginatus or whitetip shark and for the happy ones with the nice silk-shark. Diving teachers at French Polynesia diving centres often ask their group to descend to fifteen metres and then ask the master to throw corpse fish into the waters to lure them.

This group often watches the great show of our friend, the shark, about fifteen moments before they return to the site to finish the day without a hitch. It begins about 150 metres from the entry of the passport. Like the other passes the site is sheltered from the outflow.

Aim of this dives is to go swimming in the counter current to see the small caverns and bumps populated by many small critters. It is a wonderful dives, open to all divers and allows you to see manta ray, dolphin, shark, tuna and napoleon. It begins at the edge of the mountain passes.

The PADI Open Waters Dive allows the PADI Open Waters Dive to a 28 metre dive to watch the passing of a group of grey shark, the swimming of grey stingrays or the charming flying of mantas. According to the time of year the divers can even watch beautiful shovelheads. Divers can go down to 45 metres to see the game.

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