Maravu Resort

The Maravu Resort

Formerly a five-star resort, it is now more of a backpacker resort. The Maravu Plantation Beach Resort & Spa. Deals, destinations, activities, cruises, tours, holiday packages, resorts. Profile Registration - I would like more information about Maravu Backpackers Resort, Pool, Taveuni, Fiji. Resort Maravu Backpackers, Pool, Taveuni, Fiji.

The resort became astonishing backpack tourists - Review Maravu Taveuni Lodge, Matei, Fiji

The Maravu is ideal for relatively cheap accommodation. It was a well-kept area, beautifully sized Boers, great beds and great open-air shower. There was a small fridge in the burette in the garden that was practical. It was a very good place to seat and use the spouse and practical connections for charging.

It' s on a alternator that's not running in the late hours, but we've been out and never known. Gorgeous little shore is just down the street. Thank you for your comment, but I just want to let you know why the engine was switched off this afternoon.......we have two units here in Maravu, the ready for operation and the reserve unit...we did a servicing on the operating unit this pm and when we put it into operation, the magnet started to die.....

<oh no...............but we have a replacement part, leaves the fire, oops there is a leakage of water.............anyway after two hrs we had the replacement part, ordered parts that came three day later and we are back to full 24 hrs sincere apology for the shortage of electricity this afternoon........... before..

Management Maravu.....................

Taveuni Island News Board - Maravu Resort

Bluetez823, Maravu is a great little resort and they just did a bunch of upgrades. Jochen, the proprietor, now resides on site and takes good charge of every visitor. It was about 4 month ago at the resort and it looks great!

Nice resort on the islands - Review of the Maravu Taveuni Lodge, Matei, Fiji

For the Maravu, Bulla Bulla & Vinaka staff who made my visit so unforgettable! It is not that this..... would thank the Maravu, Bulla Bulla & Vinaka staff for making my visit so unforgettable! There' s an ATM on the isle and a money change service there. However, the wise wager is to take as much Fiji dollar as you want to dump to make sure you don't run out of money & that you make living simpler for the local people.

It' also interrupted the flow to the mainland. In the aftermath of the hurricane there was no quay to get us food, so I like to order the sake instead. Rooms are roomy & while some small repair work (as noted above) is necessary, you won't be spending much of your spare minute in them because there is so much to see and savour, so just have a good one!

That' s why the swimming pools, the bars, the table tennis tables, the circles of kavas and the near beaches are so attractive! It is a delay before television, cinema and shops destroyed our childhood. It is also home to some of our kittens who are tired besides the loving'Winston'. If the coach is operating it is inexpensive and dependable (Fiji times reliable) You can take a drive by thumb and be ready to drive in the back of the ute/pickup lorry when the cabin is already full.

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