Fountain Creek

Mountain Creek

Well Creek Water Catchment Area, Flood Control and Greenway District, Colorado Springs Utilities, Lower Arkansas Valley Water Protection District. Fountain Creek Trail follows its namesake through the northeastern districts of Pueblo. Fountain Creek Greenway and Revitalization Master Plan is a community-based master plan. Fountain Creek Regional Trail starts in southern Colorado Springs and ends in Fountain. Fountain Creek Chronicles Novels - three critically acclaimed novels about finding love and faith in the rugged Colorado Territory.


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Watershed Water Quality - Fountain Creek Watershed

Let's clear the creek! The Fountain Creek is about 75 nautical leagues long and is nourished by a 927 sq. m. divide along Colorado's main front range. The Fountain Creek and its divide are experiencing extreme flows, temperatures and rainfall, climbs, diverse eco-systems and many uses of it. Parts of El Paso, Teller and Pueblo Counties in Colorado form the divide that includes the communities of Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Green Mountain Falls, Woodland Park, Palmer Lake and Monument.

A Fountain Creek Vision Taskforce was established in 2007 and published a 2009 draft water catchment plan to monitor further advances in water divide improvement. This catchment area was legally sanctioned in 2009. By 2013, the area' s water catchment area was closed when the club's Water Sentinels Program ceased to be funded.

By 2014, El Paso District constituents were opposed to a rainwater bill that would have established a rainwater authority and funded by a nationwide rainwater charge to improve rainwater. An object of contention to suit has been filed against the city by the Lower Arkansas Water Conservation District, quoting Colorado Springs' reduction in rainwater financing, impairment of infrastrucure, disruption to navigate structures, interference to decrease pollution, dumping and interference to forestall pollution that could influence Public Health discharges.

In 2012 and 2013, the divide was severely damaged by two large wildfires, leaving large fire marks that lead to faster rainwater run-off and an increased pollution of Fountain Creek caused by rainwater. The low to medium level of water discharge is intensified and often overstrained by repeated wastewater discharge and considerable rainwater outflow.

In all its regulative sectors for E. Coli and selenium or both, the State of Colorado classifies the stream as affected. This divide currently provides about 15% of the potable waters for Colorado Springs. It' has been an important leisure source for kids and grown-ups for generation and is crucial to agricultural production in the arid regions of southeast Colorado and west Kansas.

Pikes Peak and Sangre de Cristo are committed to working with the Rocky Mountain Chapters to transform Fountain Creek into the common good it could and should be for all who live, work and play on its shores. Pure drinking cistern is " Job One ". We' re looking for people to help us keep Fountain Creek Watershed cleaner and safer!

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