Central North Island

Middle North Island

Central North Island is a vast area with numerous opportunities for every adventurous person. The Hamilton & Waikato region, the gateway to the central North Island, with an international airport & within driving distance of Rotorua, Taupo, & Auckland.

Wintry trip through the central North Island

From Auckland, a quick three-hour plane trip takes you to three breathtaking ports, sandy beaches that include famed African surfing spots, 48 dead vulcanoes, vineyards and an exhilarating metropolitan cuisine. Drive to Waiheke, a quick boat trip from downtown Auckland to try top drop or check out one of the city's many lookouts such as Sky Tower or Ranchitoto for a fantastic view.

Tonight led to the northwestern slope of the Whakapapa skiing area, just over an hour's car ride from Lake Taupo. Return ing to Taupo this night to savour the lakefront dinner with choices for every palate. There is never enough time for one single skiing excursion, so we go back into the mountains - to Turoa on the southwestern side of the Mt.

As an alternative to downhill sports, a revitalizing two-hour stroll through the birch woods to Taranaki Falls in Tongariro National Park or white-water canoeing on the Tongariro River could be a good idea. A further night is dedicated to discovering the gastronomic specialities and night life of Taupo, pulsating with après-ski thrills. From Rotorua, an hour's journey north brings you directly to the Pacific Ring of Fire, where vulcanic activities are part of the city's past and present.

Maybe you like to do some jungle trekking or visit Agroventures for a drink of adventurous activity. Whakarewarewa Forestry is a good place to begin your last days in Rotorua for a good breakfast stroll or hill bike for those who like it. After exploring the huge redwoods and later perhaps a cable car trip, drive to Te Puia.

At night you drive to Éat Street, where you will find a selection of restaurants.

Discover the central North Island

Expand your wing as you visit Rotorua and discover the central North Island. Dare to go north, stroll through the hilly Waikato and up to the vibrant city of Auckland or drive southwards to see seas, volcanos and vines. Or take a right turn to the west and find out what the Bay of Plenty's gorgeous shoreline has to offer. Take a right turn to the north.

To the north of Rotorua lies Auckland, 2.5 hours by car and the largest New Zealand town. Leap from Sky Tower, dine and shopping in the storms, grab a drink at Viaduct Harbour or head to one of the many beautiful coastlines and shores just downtown.

Near Rotorua, Hamilton and Waikato are known for their subterranean adventures in Waitomo caverns and the gentle slopes that became the Shire for the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trio. Discover Napier's roads bordered by fine arts. Located just an hour's car ride from Rotorua, Taupo Sea is the biggest in Australasia with beautiful landscapes and landscapes, as well as views of Tongariro National Park in the Ruapehu area.

Mount Maunganui with its whitish sand beaches and port is an hour's journey easterly of Rotorua. Mt Maunganui is also the name of an ancient vulcano that stands above the lovely shore.

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