David Yelverton

Yelverton is said to be a distortion of the original name of this large village on the outskirts of Dartmoor. Big savings on hotels in Yelverton, United Kingdom online. You will find a wide range of offices for sale in Yelverton, Devon. We have a large selection of offices from all leading real estate agents in Yelverton, Devon. Discover a range of Yelverton, UK holiday homes, including, &

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David Yelverton

Yelverton is said to be a distortion of the name of this large town on the outskirts of Dartmoor. When the Great Western Railway opened a railway in 1859, the officers heard the name of the place wrong and recorded it as Yelverton.... a lovely tale, but maybe one to take with a dash of sal.

This area has had a settlement since pre-historic ages and many preserved rocks, rock circuits, tombs and cottage districts in the Yelverton area. The Yelverton Paperweight Centre may be of interest to visitors. It not only has an expansive paperweight collections made of glas, but also an interesting painting collections, mainly by regionalists.

Around the town there are several restaurants and many accommodations for those who want to use Dartmoor as a center for their exploration.

Working in Yelverton - July 2018

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Activities in Yelverton

To find the right Yelverton tag for your loved ones is simple - just follow the link below or use the filter at the top of the page to schedule your next one. Would you like to know what to do with the friends of your loved ones? Hiking on the wilderness side and check our animal lists for Zoo's, Safariparks and Game Sites.

Are you looking for places in Yelverton with a cultured animal? When you are on the road for a big holiday during your academic holiday, we can tell you where the next amusement parks, aquatic parks or skiing slopes are located. No more being bogged down what to do with the children!

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