What does Easter Island look like

How does Easter Island look like?

It is a volcanic hot spot, similar to the Hawaiian chain of islands. Don't follow what they say, but what they do. Rongorongo images are shaped like people, animals, plants and geometric forms. Let's take a closer look at what we know about these enchanting sculptures. Inland they look at the clan that created them as a sign of protection.

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Easter Island, "Land of the Mambo Jambo Clowns" or just Easter Island is an island in the South Pacific, which currently belongs to Chile, although it is no longer geographic proximity due to the transfer of Chile to the center of North America. It was probably not explored by the Polynesians until the fifth c..

As the name suggests, the island only fiestas once a year. Polynesians took a great deal to Easter Island, such as bananas, sugar cane and boobs, and so they had a good time smokin'. Sometime in their early story, the Polynesians found out something about the Polynesians and Egg Nog, something they later visited again.

It' s been proposed by the historian that the island was established by trading with the Amish, although the historian is a infamous liar. That Triangle-Shaped Island was initially known as the South Pacific. Around 1600 AD, however, the island inhabitants found Easter. It was suspected that they were attended by the Easter Bunny at this hour.

It was re-named The Island of Easter, but this name was not very memorable, so three years later it was re-named Easter Island. An Easter, instead of the traditionally life-size Easter Bunny sculpture, a nearby familiy instead created a giant rock sculpture of a fun little man for the celebration.

Of course, the next Easter everyone just had to have a big little man's big rock sculpture, and hers just had to be the one. A few years later it became an offical contest with a jury that gave points for height, colour and styling, with the winning product receiving large quantities of candy.

The madness continued until around 1730, when the massive self-inflicted killing took place. Initially this was due to the tug-of-war of the island, which had little else to draw, as they had no opponents. But in 1641 the Wikings found Easter Island and brought the island inhabitants into the hatchet. Archipelago residents watched the Norsemen felling down a hatchet of tree to repair their vessels and then rolling the vessel back into the ocean with them.

Already at Easter the inhabitants of the island started with the use of wood, which not only served to turn the sculptures to their permanent position, but also to decorate the sculptures, e.g. fur. Between 1642 and about 1730 the inhabitants of the island kept using this method until they finally realised that they had felled the last one.

It was at this point that they realised that the island without them was really looking really nasty and that it was their own doing. The island was quickly conquered by a widespread suicidal culture, and most of the inhabitants fell off a rock. Those axe importers felt jointly responsibility and were very happy about it.

It took the people a long reinvigoration from almost everyone's suicides on the island, and the populations have been low ever since. The Easter Bunny first came across Easter Island in 1901 and immediately began to take over. The Easter Bunny has governed the island ever since, although it is not recognised as its own state.

Ever since he gained control of the island, the Easter Rabbit has deployed an armies of ten-foot-high teddies under the Energizer Rabbit's control to keep all the chocolates and other sweets from sneaking into his personal bow. Its vaults are full of choco and things that it makes in a volcanic plant on the island.

The rabbit has now started its Easter season of playing with small kids in their bunks, and when a rabbit sees a baby, it will fire rays from its eye and turn the baby into Amish Glue. The Easter Island Bunnys were also recently introduced in the jerk rock tune "Easter Island" by the jerk group Pixilated Theory.

At the moment the island is under the hard reign of Theodore "Osterhase". A number of uprisings by the island' s inhabitants ended in catastrophe, so that there was no chance for democratic parties to assert themselves. The island has little influence on politics and it is thought that Chile will soon become an autonomous state.

The only rebels who had a strong influence on Theodore Bunny's government and led him to order the massive destruction of the bear were Hershell Mars-led Schokoladenbären. Melt into tasty dairy chocolates before being turned into Easter hares to enrich the Theodore' army.

They have a powerful coalition with Sweden, however, resulting in a large flow of new recruiters to their campaign against the wicked one. Deliveries of the biggest ever registered are scheduled for December 30, 2005 at 12:00 and January 2, 2006 at 12:00, resulting in an anticipated bulk score against Theodore.

The guerrilla Chocobear camped in the mountains and have been here since December 2006. There were several assaults and as a consequence, Theodore has caused the Easter bunnies to suffer from a sting in the mind. It' s sports are officially called the island' s sports club and the island' s Olympical Commitee is running the launch promotion programme for this game.

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