Round Trip to American Samoa

American Samoa Round Trip

The precipitation in Pago Pago is the same and very high all year round. I couldn't do too much around the islands, although I also made a day trip to American Samoa. Don't miss these top experiences in American Samoa!

Discount flights from United States to American Samoa

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Timetable in American Samoa - American Samoa Forum

Please give me an overview of the timetable between Pago Pago and Apia and the estimated return airfare. The Polynesian Airlines operates 4 to 6 services per night. The Polynesian Airlines operates 4 to 6 services per night. The price is about US$ 160 rt. This theme was shut due to lack of activity for new contributions.

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Airline Hawaiian disregards American-Samoans

This is an "open letter" to Hawaiian Airline, as I think about their American Samoa policy, namely the United States tariff. I know that you want to make a living and that American Samoa is in the center of nowhere, as far as airline companies go.

But I don't think you could find a way to make the itinerary work without violating every individual who crosses the Hawaiian Airlines jet. The Cebu Pacific Air was able to fly 3353.2 nautical miles from Manila to Sydney for just over $150 for a basic rate.

But how can they do it for one-fifth of what you are offering on a much short trip? This is also done by Air Asia, Hainan and Norwegian Airline. As a matter of fact, Norwegians flown me from Thailand to New York via Sweden for less than 500 dollars.

It would have been possible to make the trip and get a beautiful motel and still fly less than five hours to American Samoa. I' m here to see how Hawaiian Airways makes a living. Either you charge more than necessary (because you have no rivals on this route) or you make some really stupid choices that cost the airline companies bill by the million a year.

A further element that you seem to be overlooking is that this is probably the most costly rate for a trip to America, but it also travels to one of the countries impoverished towns. A lot of Americans make little more than your money in a whole mon. Cases have been reported in which individuals died because they did not have the financial means to go to Hawaii for medical care.

Bottom line is, while you are loving itineraries without opponents (you quit the Manila itinerary because you didn't want to compete), and you are making a kill on the American Samoa trip as well. It' s a good idea to think about other ways to make a living without rape the passenger so much that American Samoa dies because of your tariff.

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