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Team Matau and M?ui Voyaging Trust. Quay ng? manu p?rere ki tai, quay ng?

manu taupua ki uta kua tau nei ki t?nei paetukutuku kia p? t? ihu ki te ihu o t? t?tau M?ui nei waka a Te Matau a M?ui! " Te Matau a Maui" means "The Fishhook of Maui." The Maori god Maui who fished on the North Island of New Zealand. This story begins with a fishing day with his brothers.

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Quay www. kai www. kai www. ki wai, kai www. kai wwai ki ukutuku ki wwww. ki p? t? wwaka ki te a t?! Designed to provide a truly immersive culture and cruising in Hawke's Bay.

The Voyaging Trust was founded in 2013. Te Matau a M?ui - a traditionally double-hulled sailboat, which is constantly located in the port of Ahuriri, Napier. Making the Hawke's Bay and Polynesian Voyaging a place to stay, we offer a broad palette of informative and original experiences in the area.

About the Voyaging Trust

The Te Matau a M?ui Trust was founded in 2013 by a small group of seasoned seafarers educated in the practices of navigating traditionally and Polynesia sail. Te Matau a M?ui runs a traditionally double-hulled sailboat, a permanent ship in the port of Ahuriri, Napier.

The Matau a Maui, landscape + nature

"Te Matau a Maui" means "The Fishhook of Maui". The work was based on the ancient tales of the Maui, recounted by Sofia's own Ngati Porou ici people from the North Island's eastern part. The demigod Maui came from Hawaiiki, the Maori's home.

The legend says that Maui and his brethren fished far out into the sea a long time ago. Lacking other lures, Maui greased his own magical hook with his own bloody water and let it fall over the side of the baq. After much effort and singing of the spells of Carakia, Te Ika a Maui (the fishy Maui) appeared, which is now the North Island of New Zealand.

There are some who say that Mauis Watera has turned into the South Island of New Zealand and call it Te Watera a Maui (the boat of Maui). However, according to the Ngati Porou traditions, Maui's Maui' Naka Nukutaimemeha was raised headfirst on our holy Mt. Hikurangi and still is there.

Bonecarving is a symbol of Maui's holy fishhooks in this work. Portrayed with the three hands of childbirth, live and die, the mania gives an idea of the human ity's and Mauis' moribundity, who finally tried to capture the deathwoman, Hinenui-te-Po.

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