Best Time of year to Visit Stewart Island

The best time of year for a visit to Stewart Island

What is the best time to visit Stewart Island? Well, we did the South Course over Christmas last year. Southland & Stewart Island? The best time of the year to visit Otago, Southland & Stewart Island is revealed by our travel experts.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Stewart Island.

The Stewart Island Eclipse in Winters - Stewart Island Forum

Five-person families (2 grown-ups and 13, 11, 9-year-olds) who plan a few week trips from the end of June. Is Stewart Island interested enough to entertain us all? Aurora Australis and we loved to walk, watch wild animals etc. but it seems that the happiness of the drawing is.

We' ve traveled twice around the South Island of New Zealand, but have never been to the southernmost point. There is a lot to do if you enjoy hiking and living in the wild. Winters are a good time to visit SI. Be sure to book a journey to Ulva Island.

You' ve got a long time. Masons Bay is worth a visit, as you have a great opportunity to see kiwis in the great outdoors. With Squizzy we have also made a boat tour - please get in touch with the information center in the shed.

Enjoy, and enough food to eat 11 of us for 3 lunches. Hello Lindy W, I would second Telly N's opinion that Stewart Island is a great place, but unless the whole familiy is happy with the easy joys of hiking, the fauna and nature that you might get enough before the two week are over.

First of all, I can only talk about having been to Stewart Island in the spring, so I'm not sure what the winter is like. However, at this time it seems that it is apparently more mild than the southern continent and there are many indigenous bird species that would probably not be able to live if the weather were too rough.

I' d look to see if I can get back and forth along the Foveaux Road - maybe it's particularly interesting at this time to either fly or sail, but I assume it's happiness at any time of the year! We have many ways to discover (the visitor centre in Oban is very helpful) and we enjoy to visit Ulva Island (self guided) and also to do an orgainized Kiwi-journey.

Wish we'd stayed more than a few days, more than a few more. Sights of the Australian aura are associated with sun eruptions, but long winters provide a greater opportunity to see the aura, which I hope you will see. Dunedin's winters (where I live) are often clear and the beach sometimes sees the area.

I' d think you'd have a lot of clear winters in you. Forecast there are a number of Aurora sites that you can review like these: It looks like one of the "lighter" places to see the Aurora Australis! This year we returned to SI with our kids and other families.

So I thought you could relish this new screening, though it was taken by Dunedin, not SI (though it could probably have been seen from there, too).

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