Norfolk Island Administrator

The Norfolk Island Administrator

Gary Hardgrave, HOWARD government minister and broadcaster, has been appointed administrator of Norfolk Island as the coalition includes the financially troubled Pacific region in the national tax and welfare systems. The annual reports of the administrator. Official mail seal of approval and violet sl Norfolk Island Administration. We were welcomed by the island administrator Gary Hardgrave and his wife Lorraine. Compensation survey in the Administration category.

Northfolk Island officials' salaries cut after impolite Facebook mail

During a Facebook debate in August, Ms Edward pointed to an assertion that the administrator of the island, Gary Hardgrave, had said at a meeting that he wanted to have the island covered with "locals" in bridging over. And then she wrote: "Yes, and it's most unlikely that the guys throwing the parties.... would confess what the asshole said."

"It' repulsive - that's not the kind of thing I would say," Mr. Hardgrave said to the Herald. "This is a thing a fistful of anti-Australians on the island are talking about. "It' s characteristic of the whispering they call dem-tull (gossip) on the island. He spoke to some of the men who were at the meeting on July 7th.

Some say Mr. Hardgrave was talking about the work on the Emily Bay overpass. So according to this individual, Mr. Hardgrave said: She' s paying a high fee to believe Mr. Hardgrave made her. "Should not have done it," Mrs. Edward said to the Herald. In spite of her remorse and 30 years of undisturbed work in the Norfolk Island civil services, her salaries were reduced, she was given a formal warning and sent for counsel.

Mrs. Edward thinks it's not an incident she's been investigating. Mrs Edwards is one of more than 700 registred backers of Norfolk Island People for Democracy, an organization committed to the island's self-determination. NIPD Chairman Chris Magri said the Norfolk Islands want to maintain self-government.

NIPD members say the Norfolk Island authorities are trying to shut down those who criticize the change. This proposal is refused by the management. "Norfolk Island's self-government experiments had not worked well.

The Norfolk Island Administrative Law 2016 No. 25

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