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A week-long tour covering the best of Oahu and Kauai, combining sightseeing activities with leisure activities. To find the best places in Hawaii, please visit the Great Runs website. Transport of ice cream and frozen food through the Hawaiian Islands. The Worldstar Hawaii is your first choice when it comes to high quality tours in Maui, Oahu, Big Island or Kauai. Regional competence: leading next day delivery | Quality management | Adherence to delivery dates.

Oahu to Kauai and Hawaii to Maui.


To meet your needs, please choose the best flight, hotel, train, activity, transport and number of overnight stays in each city. Immerse yourself in the exceptional Oahu, a place with incredible sandy beach and windswept sundowns that will take your breath away. Come and see for yourself! Continue to Kauai and enjoy the wonderful Na Pali coast, the wonderful Waimea Canyon and much more.

As you continue your journey to Hilo, this exceptional place offers a broad spectrum of activity to the visitor as it is home to vibrant and resting volcanos, snow-capped hills, luxuriant flora and beautiful sands. Choose your own flight, hotel and activity. And a large selection of options to choose from that you can immediately confirm and order.

Oahu' s Waikiki has put Hawaii on the menu, with over 5 million people visiting each year. There are over 130 unspoilt, lonely tropic shores in Oahu, among them the famed Waikiki Bay. Wwaimea Bay has a spectacular sandy area with strong swells in winters and crystal clear waters in summers; Kailua is a favourite for weekend entertainment for families; Kahana Bay Park is known for aquatic activities and swim; Malaekahana is a beautiful, remote sandy area; Sunset Bay is ideal for surfing; Lanikai is sheltered and off the footpath; Pokai Bay has a powder-sugared sandy area off the well-trodded paths.

Surroundings are full of luxuriant green, hills and falls with historical sites such as Iolani Palace, Pearl Harbor monuments and world-class shops and sights! This beautiful isle has an infinite range of outdoor pursuits and beautiful scenery. The Pearl Harbor, Iolani Palace, King Kamehameha Sculpture, Bishop Museum, Diamond Head Summit, Aloha Tower, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Waikiki Beach, Lanikai Beach und vieles mehr !

The Garden Island is a luxuriant haven of untouched nature and adventures on a scenic coast. An isolated location and the most westerly of the islands of Hawaii with the rising rocks of the Napali coast and the huge charm of the Waimea Canyon, diving gorges, crashing falls, shores and coves.

There is so much to discover with walking and canoeing among the most favourite pursuits on the Isle. An unspoilt heaven with a small urban charme bewitches the whole archipelago like no other. The Napali Coast, Waimea Canyon, Waileau River, Waileau Falls, Kee Beach, Hanalei Bay, Kalalau Trail, Spouting Horn, Coconut Coast and much more!

Cona Hawaii's Big Islands has dramatic contrasts...the majestic Mauna Loa and Kilauea volcanos, the snow-capped Mauna Kea, the Kau Desert, beautiful falls, the Puna Fern Forest and the colourful orchid of Hilo. While exploring the Isle, you will see rugged fissured areas of fresh flora that form an astonishing contrasting with Hawaii's Big Island's varied scenery.

But the melted volcanic ash is just one of Hawaii's hottest rides - there are also great stores in Kona, café planting trips, superb gulf on the Kohala coast and the picturesque city of Hilo.

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