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In general, Samoan men tend to use the term "I love you" more easily and quickly than most Americans. In American Samoa, it is the men who take care of the family garden, cooking, cleaning and other tasks! An American Samoa dating for singles from American Samoa. ("umu") and cooking the food is also traditionally a man's job. Lava is a sarong that can be carried by men and women.

of American Samoan men: Provisional Findings from a 12-year follow-up survey - Bindon - 1993 - American Journal of Human Biology

A concomitant phenomenon of the fast-paced socio-economic and medicinal changes in American Samoa since the Second World War is the rise in the incidence of chronical illnesses, especially cardio-vascular illnesses and diabetic outbreaks. In 1976 a Samoan Studies Project carried out a poll on the subject of overweight and hypertension in American Samoa.

During 1989, we carried out a follow-up of 31 of these men, checking patient's BP, as well as their BP and previously identified medical conditions, concentrating on long-term illnesses such as high BP, strokes, cancer und diabetics. Crews (Hum. Biol. 60:417-433, 1988) found in a forward looking fatality study that 111 American Samoans, whose BP was surveyed in 1975 and who afterwards perished between 1975 and 1981, had a higher mean Systolic and Idiastolic BP than the 2,588 who survived (140/88 vs. 129/84).

Based on these results, the 1989 specimen was layered after the 1976 men's BP test and a selection of 14 men (1976 BP

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