Is Norfolk Island in Australia

Norfolk Island in Australia

Norfolk Island volunteering, free accommodation for a few hours of work. Marvellous Ceramics - Review by Galerie Guava, Norfolkinsel, Australia

The Guava Galery is the place to get your unusual/special presents for your beloved ones or just your own place. Alison Ryves' Potteries are simply stunning, the brilliance is something very particular. It' the right place for this particular play. We offer high class artwork, jewelry and ceramic for purchase.

Where you can buy any clever present. The Cyclorama is entered through the Guava Galery, and in a certain way the artists of the Cyclorama are further upgraded by the works of the craftsman in the Galery. When you are looking for nice memorabilia to take home with you, you should definitely check out the Guava Galerie, a wonderful work of fine arts and jewellery that is well deserved a stop.

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The Ghost Tour - Review of Norfolk Island, Australia

Although my family and I are passionate skeptics, we have been to a number of Ghost Tours in North Head-Sydney, Port Arthur and Ballarat. The first hiccough was where the meeting point for Norfolk Tours was, although one knew in which area there was still a selection of places. So when a coach arrived at Pinetree Tours Dept, I was crossing the street to ask (the always supportive people) and they called it!

It turned out that the trip had been "sold" to Pinetree Tours, unfortunately the coach was also full by Staff and was supposed to be an "orientation tour". There were a number of jokes at the pick-up and we were afraid that it would be more of a company celebration than a serious outing.

We were right, the behavior persisted during the whole trip, which disappointed us completely. RETURN TO THE CURRENT TRIP. Sitting in the old kitchen, the travel leader, in the shape of a young woman who had passed away 150 years ago, we were taken to a nice old Quality Row home and shared some tales about what had happened in the surrounding area.

There was a nice 2-course menu and we found out that the route was ONLY BYO, if you hadn't brought anything to eat, there was no way to buy it, not even soaks. Return to the coach for a short excursion to prison, more tales and a stroll to the old civil prison and Wentworth's cottage.

At the hut many of the tales that were recounted were interesting because so many of those on the hike were telling their tales about the hut and its call, hopefully information that was saved for later touring. I' m not evaluating the trip, it would be very low, but that was because a large number of employees were sent on a trip that involved paid people who ruined our evening and IMVHO is very non-professional.

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