Norfolk Island People

Isle of Norfolk People

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The fascinating flora of Norfolk Island

The Norfolk Island (South Pacific) has some of the fewest plants in the underworld. Out of 182 indigenous plants, 43 are indigenous, i.e. they are nowhere else in nature, 47 are classified as endangered or endangered under Australia's legislation and 30 others are already dead, endangered or seldom on the island.

It provides information (with illustrations) on each of the indigenous varieties and some of the most important imported flora growing there. It contains previously unreleased 1792 John Doody and 1804 botanist Ferdinand Bauer as well as more than 400 photos.

Norfolk Island Eye Study (NIES): Reasons, methods and allocation of eyepiece biometrics (biometry of the bounty). - pubmed

OBJECTIVE: To describe the recruiting, ophthalmological testing techniques and eye biometrics distributions of the Norfolk Island Eye Studies subjects derived from the English Bounty rebels and their Polyynesian women. METHODS: All 1,275 resident Norfolk Island dwellers over 15 years of age were encouraged to attend, 602 of whom were enrolled in a 2001 trial of CVD.

Attendees filled out a detailled survey and undergone a thorough optical examination with stereoscopic disk and retina imaging, eyepiece coherency and subjunctive auto-fluorescence. RESULTS: 781 people over 15 years of age were seen (54% women), representing 61% of the island's resident populations. The Pitcairn Islanders (Norfolk Island Pitcairn Pedigree) were responsible for the story of 343 people (43.9%).

No significant statistical difference was found in these traits between people with and without Pitcairn Island descent. The mean intraocular blood flow was lower in people with Pitcairn Island lineage: 15.89mmHg in comparison to those without Pitcairn Island lineage 16.49mmHg (P = .007). Mean keratometric value was lower in people with Pitcairn Island lineage (43.22 vs. 43.52, PG = .007).

Pitcairn ancestors had shallower calluses, but there was no corresponding differences in AL or refractive index. SUMMARY: Our survey populace is very indicative of the constant populace of Norfolk Island. Eyepiece biometrics were similar to those of other types of people. Heritabilty estimations, link analyses and genome-wide trials will further clarify the genetical factors of chronical eye disease in this genetically isolated compound.

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