Dr Aluli Molokai

Dr. Aluli Molokai

An epidemiologist; Dr. Rodriguez is an assistant professor; and Mr. Chiu is a research associate.

Dr Aluli is President of Na Pu'uwai. It was the uncle of the doctor Noa Emmett Aluli. Dr. ALULI AND REYES LLP can be reached at his practice on the following numbers: Supplier Other Organization Name, MOLOKAI FAMILY HEALTH CENTER.

50 years in hospitals

Since the mid-19th century, a great deal has happened in Molokai health care - a period when it was not uncommon to go to the hospitals to get the almonds out and your surgeon would have just arrived from the birth of a newborn. "In the past, it was thought: "He's a surgeon, he should do everything," said Dr. Paul Stevens, the oldest surgeon on the Isle, in an 2010 survey.

He first came to Molokai in 1956 and has been practicing medical science here ever since. The Molokai General Hospital celebrates its fiftieth birthday last Saturday - and recalled all the changes in Molokai health care over the years. Today's complex with a view of Kaunakakakai was first opened in 1963, but its story goes back to the Shingle Memorial Hospital in Ho`olehua, says Dr. Emmett Aluli of Molokai.

In the end, the Episcopal Church, which had been operating the church for some years, began to disintegrate and the hospital's curatorship was commissioned to build a new school. Concentrating their own resources and receiving funding from the gouvernment and the companies, Aluli said that a new clinic was constructed where it is now.

At that time, the Executive Committee drew the interest of Queen's Health Systems and Molokai General became an official part of Queen's in 1987. Further refurbishments and enhancements were made to the clinic in 2005 and 2008. Ms Janice Kalanihuia, MGH-Chairwoman, paid special tribute to the personnel of the clinic. "The employees come here every single workingday and they' put the patient first," she said.

In particular, one individual was honoured for his many years of commitment to the local authority and the hospital: Dr. Stevens. "Stevens has been serving and practicing this fellowship in a professional and compassionate manner for over 56 years," said MGH Director Kip Dunbar, and added that Stevens is also an MGH Director.

Dunnbar remembered his first remembrance of Stevens when, at the age of 12, he made a incision in his brow after jumping into a cliff. Sitting with Dunbar at the front of the familiy, Stevens was back when physicians made home visits on a frequent basis. Dunbar said that the MGH government honoured him for his "generosity, sympathy and dedication to the Molokai community" by changing the name of the hospital's ambulance to Paul G. Stevens Ambulanz.

Commemorating the last 50 years of the hospital's existence and looking to the past, MGH Vice President Randy Lite said the employees put together a temporary pod that is now concealed in the cover of the clinic and will open on its centenary in 2063. Although many changes have taken place since the establishment of the clinic, one thing has remained the same.

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