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Honolulu is undoubtedly one of the most popular cities in Oahu! WhaToDo In Honolulu: Top 5 Top Events Honolulu is undoubtedly one of the most beloved towns in Oahu! Here is a listing of the most important things you can do in Honolulu, in additon to the information on how to get to each place! USS Arizona memorial is a world-famous place. Every year million of visitors come to visit this monument, making it the most visited tourist attraction in Hawaii.

USS Arizona Commemorative honours all U.S. troops who participated in the Pearl Harbor bombings. USS Arizona memorial was built over the submerged warship USS Arizona, where 1,177 crew members were killed on December 7, 1941. You can also choose to attend the USS Arizona Memorial by visiting the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, which contains more information about the USS Arizona Historicals.

More information about the ticket can be found here! Known as the best snorkelling spot on Oahu, Hanauma Bay is as breathtaking from the sky as it is from the sea. Hanauma Bay was designated a nature reserve in 1967 and is home to gorgeous reef corals and a dozen species of fishing.

The Hanauma Bay's distinctive horse shoe form has given it the epithet "curved bay", giving it an unmistakable look out of a helicopter's windows. However, the Hanauma cove is a sheltered area, so you should observe all the signposts and rules during your visit. Find out more about Hanaumaay! The best thing to do in Oahu is a choppertrip!

Not only is this a unique adventure, it allows you to see the stunning landscape of Oahu from the sky. Chopper tours ensure that you can see the whole archipelago in just a few hrs instead of travelling around the archipelago for a whole full year. Our Ko Olina Resort Tours take you on a full circuit of Oahu.

You can see Pearl Harbor, Downtown Honolulu, the world-famous Waik?k? and the legendary Diamond Head from a bird's perspective. You' ll also see Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach and Makapu'u Lighthouse, as well as the windsurfing reefs of K?ne'ohe Bay, Chinaman's Hat and Ka'a'awa Valley, backgrounds of a dozen films.

When you' re on your way to Oahu, don't miss your opportunity to see the isle from the sky! Find out more about book a tour by helo! Diamond Head, also known as L?'ahi is one of Hawaii's most important symbols. It is said that Diamond Head is the product of an explosion.

In 1908, the road to the Diamond Head peak was constructed as part of the Oahu coast protection system. Find out more about Diamond Head here! Find out more about Waikiki! Oahu (Ko Olina), Oahu (North Shore), Hawaii (Hilo), Hawaii (Kona).

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