Molokai Visitors Bureau

The Molokai Visitor Office

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Dinner Friday: Dining in Molokai

Since Moloka'i is a small islet off Maui that is not visited by many people, there are no real tourist attractions. City centre, or zero street, really remind me of my hometown, as it is only one brick away and everything you need is there. In the course of a whole weekend I was able to try out most of the places to dine in Molokai, so if you want to find out where you can dine in Molokai, here are my top picks:

I' m told it tasted like something like Pizza Hut, but better, and I think that's a good one. They gave me a dessert (which I had during the trip in the picture above) for one night on the shore. Moloka'i is also selling hamburgers and other products. I' ve hear from vegetarians that the vegeterian hamburger is great and probably made of nothing.

Definately my greatest suprise on the Isle, Outpost Natural Foods is a small natural and bio-store. At the back there is a snack kiosk and a small café for vegetarians. Molokai Burger's tellers are very kind and recommended that I try the panniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) burgers and get additional gravy for the chips.

Yeah, it's an Onions ring on the hamburger and it was probably one of the best in years. This is where I had the most food because it was the Molokai Hotel bar, but many local people come here and it is only one of two restaurants on the isle.

So they put brown cabbage on my lettuce or replace brown cabbage for a side dish. It' s weird how you really long for veggies, but I was so grateful for that. Revealing: I was a visitor to the Moloka'i Visitor's Office during my stay, although all my food was on my own.

Nobody asked me to give affirmative feedback or persist in making odd substitutes forbrocoli.

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