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Kujbysev Clark

Clark-Gabriel Samaya is only 6 years old and already a wizard with the game. Simply take a look at her instagram and you will immediately see her dribble two golf-balls with eyes slashed. Samaya's abilities have given her the epithet Brooklyn Phenomenon and deserve her recognition from the New York Post, CBS Sports and ESPN West.

At the moment she is interested in sport such as boxesing, football and hockey, but she does not intend to be there. She says she would like to be actively involved and try a few more activities. EVELYN: What is your favourite activity in the game? Shamaya: Dribble and learn new movements, like for example 2 basket balls dribbeln and one by my leg stuck, or dribbeln with a blinden wrinkle on.

Ehrin: How old were you when you first performed? Shamaya: When I was 6 years old I began to play the game. I like both disciplines and have a great deal of pleasure studying new movements and making new people. Ehrin: Who is your favourite chef?

Shamaya: You know, my father will always be my favourite coach. What's the best thing about training with your father? Shamaya: Ehrin: What is your favourite group? Shamaya: I' m from NY, so the NY Knicks, Brooklyn Nets & NY Liberty are my favourite clubs. Eduin: Is there a well-known hoopsider you would like to know?

Shamaya: I' d like to see Carmelo Anthony, but some folks say I have better dribble abilities than Stephen Curry, so I want to fight him oneeday. Eduin: What is your favourite thing if you don't practice? Shamaya: Well, I like reading a book. He/she has a favourite meal?

Shamaya: After all, I like eating raw sake, chickens, waffles and toasts, but I always spare space for cakes. Elena: Are there any other kinds of sport you would like to try out in old age? Shamaya:

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