Polynesia Trip

The Polynesian Journey

French Polynesia Master is the latest diving safari to explore the waters of this Polynesian archipelago. In most areas of Polynesia, however, pottery is extinct due to the scarcity of clay on the islands. Papeete Travel Guide - Planning your trip to Papeete with Travel by Air France

It is the gateway to the five archipelago and 118 Fr. Polynesian islets. Brillant jewelry of the oceans, tiny eden hiding in the expanse, little jewelry that leaves no one untouched. Polynesia's splendour is in its variety. Ranging from the sudden appearance, like the Marquesas, to the ages of common sense, like Bora Bora and Moorea; from lakes to hills to flat sandy tunnels, like the Tuamotu archipelago.

This is no problem: all over Polynesia, aquatic and snow sport is practised in a sense of excellency, from snorkelling and windsurfing to the best places and international competitions. There is no danger of overpopulation outside these extraordinary sport activities in Polynesia.

How thrilling to be able to live the Polynesians' enthusiasm for dancing, singing, music and sculptures! It' going to be so evident when you go: you can really say that you have Polynesia in your flesh.

Make the journey of a life to Tahiti and savour the wonderful indigenous traditions and landscapes outside this area.

I thought the Baldives was the most wonderful place in the world with its powdered sandy beach and dark sea... And then I came to Polynesia, AKA Tahiti and its isles. I flew to Tahiti, the biggest of all the airports in Polynesia and home of the capitol Papeete.

You' ll find giant roasted platters of utu aca bread fruit, a favourite Polish side similar to potatoes, and more than £13 for Poisson crude. Those who want to get close to the wild life of the area will enjoy a trip of wild life in the crystalline water, especially as Tahiti is one of the few places in the wide open spaces where you can take a bath near these splendour.

I thought Tahiti was beautiful, but Rangiroa left me astonished. In order to maximize my outdoor experience, I am booking a full length excursion to the lagoons with Oviri excursions. I' ve got quite an appetizer with all the groceries, so I stop by at Les Relais de Joséphine for dinner with a nice look. At a good today you can pass the travel season by watching cetaceans.

In contrast to the other two archipelagos I have been to, Moorea is hilly and has a luxuriant, green. ATV tours are a great way to get to the top and enjoy the breathtaking view. We are also told by our leader about the Rotui Mount myth that an squid lived on this hill as the godly guardian of the Moorea.

We start the morning with a canoeing trip to a lake (it is a true workout), where we slap the sea with our net and our hand to capture the game. In the afternoon, our group heads back to Sam's home for a trip through his orchard and to see the various fruit and veg.

Please see Tahiti tourisme.uk.

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