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The romant resorts The creation of reminiscences on this charming isle is a matter of course. Be it a suggestion, a vow revival, an anniversaries or simply a reconnection with a beloved person, Tropica's breathtaking setting will make you fell in and out of it. So you made the smart decision to consider one of the best grown-ups' resort as your next South Pacific travel destinations.

So let us tell you why Tropica should be on your Fiji Islands holiday itinerary.

Taveuni is one of the best resorts in Fiji for 6 reasonsĀ !

Situated in the breathtaking South Pacific and encircled by some of the most spectacular waters in the whole wide open sea, the Fiji archipelago is certainly a vision. Every of Fiji's populated isles has something else for the visitor to discover and do. Fiji changes from place to place, from topographical to cultural.

However, among the hundred places where you can go on holiday on these isles, some of them are just the best resorts in Fiji. Taveuni is one of these unique places. The Taveuni has several high points. Wherever these higher points arrive on the coast, they form wonderful rocks and offer a breathtaking view over the sea.

The Taveuni is a great place to see the true Fiji. Here the locals still dwell in narrow towns, where the fellowship comes first and traditions come first. In Raiwasa we give you the opportunity to discover and enjoy the islands through touring, trips and festivities. It is our wish that every visitor to Taveuni leaves with a better esteem for Fiji's unbelievable cultur.

The Taveuni offers some of the best ways to be on the beautiful turquoise waters in Fiji. Snorkelling or scuba dipping at Rainbow Reef is a special adventure, but the soft waters along Somosomo Strait also offer kayaking, canoeing and swimming. But Taveuni's aquatic adventure is not only enchanting in the South Pacific.

Fiji " can evoke a vision of faraway places and hard-to-reach places. Contemporary aviation, however, makes it easy for passengers to get to certain parts of the state. Fiji's closeness and high frequency flight connections to Nadi International Airport put Taveuni on the top of the Fiji tourist itineraries.

The majority of travellers to Fiji come to Nadi first, and many decide to stay in Fiji's touristic centre, Viti Levu. Taveuni is a brief fly from the cosmopolitan airfield, however, with fewer passengers and, above all, fewer outings. This leads us to the next question why our guests enjoy Taveuni. Taveuni also radiates a tranquillity and serenity in high seasons that is often lacking on busy isles.

Places here are becoming less and further apart, resulting in other advantages such as less transport, fewer persons during the days and less daytime lighting and less nighttime soiling. At Taveuni it is possible not only to find a private spot but also to visit some of the top spots on the island without the hustle and bustle of a large population.

In Raiwasa we can of course pledge that three hectares of this quiet little village will belong to you. The Raiwasa staff has found over the years that there are hundred of reason to fell in Love with Fiji's garden isle Taveuni. But it is our own experience and our own recollections on the islands that make them our favourite place in the whole inland.

Our employees on the spot find the Isle a home, together with a strong bond to their families, loves, friendship and fellowship. Taveuni is a second home for our impassioned owner. Our employees can confirm that Taveuni is not only the holiday resort of your holiday but a place so unique that it will be preserved for the remainder of your soul's time.

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