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Newest tweets from Bianca Benoit (@b_schmee). Chez Bianca & Benoit has pimped up our opinion-forming expert and has a lot to say about it. Chez Bianca & Benoit Boarding House. Pictures of Bianca Benoit at instagram. Benoit Bianca ( @bibiebenoit).

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Benoit Bianca

I' m from Fargo, North Dakota and in 2003 I received my Minnesota State University, Moorhead (GO DRAGONS!) Ph. D. in Social Sciences. I' ve been calling San Antonio home for the last fourteen years and never again await to return to the "frozen tundra" of North Dakota. Outside the classroom I am interested in DIY - especially in handicrafts, soccer Sunday, books and having fun with my whole life.

Fundraising campaign for Nora Arceneaux by Bianca Benoit Gilfour : domestic tragedy

It was the shocking and saddening of his loss that confronted his wife and daughter, especially my nanny Nora and her two kids, Jared and Jasmine, with an emotive tribute that is so difficult to endure alone. Aside from the grief, the pecuniary commitments that Nora has to face are as she has to move on without her loved spouse and only 35 year old shelter.

We' re collecting the money to cover the costs of the burial and all the precautions. We' re going directly to Nora. He was a hard-working and funny man who was very fond of his people. When you cannot give, please pray that he and the whole household can find it.

NOTICE: If you would like to donate directly to Nora, please let me know.

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