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The Qamea is one of three islands east of Thurston Point on the island of Taveuni, Fiji, the others are Matagi and Laucala. Fiji Qamea Resort & Spa, Qamea Island, Fiji. Situated on the island of Qamea, this hotel is nearby and more! Qamea Island hotels only are listed below. Receive reviews, photos, phone, address, facilities & more for Qamea Resort & Spa Hotel in Fiji at Happytrips.


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The only Guinot Thermal Bath in the South Pacific, a PADI 5 star certified diving store, snorkelling near the resorts and everyday activity that ranges from lunch picnics at jungles to refreshing walks along the coast and mountains, you won't have to search for something thrilling and thrill seek.

With Qamea you will have a lifetime memory..... The Qamea Resort and Spa has large indoor deck areas with spacious furnishings and hammocks, as well as spectacular and uninterrupted sea and sunset overlooks. The Qamea and its neighboring archipelago is a tropic heaven of adventures and beauties. Visitors can enjoy a broad variety of recreational and recreational options from Hobie Kat cruising, kayak, hiking, krocketing, visiting villages, lunch picnics at jungles crashing down streams, to stimulating walks along the coast and mountains.

There is unbelievable snorkeling near the reserve, which has been chosen as one of the ten best snorkeling sites in the whole wide area. There are also day snorkeling excursions by boot to untouched cliffs ashore. The following is a listing of the available activities: You' ll enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the elegance of the food at Qamea Spa & Restaurant ý air conditioning and an irrepressible blend of Pacific Rim chef.

The Qamea Resort & Spa is a particular magnet for those who celebrate a particular event.

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The Qamea (pronounced[??a?mea]) is one of three islands just south of Thurston Point on the islands of Taveuni, Fiji, the others are Matagi and Laucala. Located about 2.5 kilometres eastwards of Thurston Point, Qamea is 34 sqkm. It is 10 kilometres long and its width ranges from a few hundred metres to five kilometres.

It is characterised by high mounds (up to 300 metres high) and precipitous canyons. The native wildlife in Qamea outlived many other areas of Fiji because the mongooses were never imported. Qameas Naivi Bay is geographic known as the Harricane Gap - a pristine protection from storms.

Kocoma is the biggest of six towns on the whole country, with about 550 inhabitants.

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