Maui to Lanai Boat

To Maui Lanai boat

Book a one-way or round trip ferry from/to Maui to/from Lanai. We' ll exhibit our Maui Reefs to understand the ecology and connections of the reefs we've visited. Immerse yourself in the Lanai Cathedrals of Lahaina on Maui. Launch Lanai Diving Charter from Mala Boot. Use Lanai-Maui passenger ferry and rent a Jeep Wrangler on Lana'i Island.

4x4 Jeep rental (from Lahaina Harbour), Maui Holidays, Excursions & Tours in Maui, On the Water

Cruise the Au'au Canal with a Maui to Lanai boat and enjoy the 4WD 4WD Den by Landis! The cars can take up to 5 people. Upon your arriving, you will be transported by private car to collect your car.

From Maui you can take the boat after you have returned your car. Patients with cardiac and circulatory problems are not allowed to take part in this exercise. People who are with child are not allowed to take part in this activities. It is not suitable for wheelchairs. Max 5 people per jeep (4 doors).

When you have six (6) or more people, please change your car. Two ( (2) pockets and one (1) are permitted at no extra cost. Pre-registration is necessary. Riders must be at least 21 years of age. No. A fee for underage riders is charged to riders between the age of 21 and 25 and is payable at check-in.

Attendees are obliged to subscribe to a disclaimer at check-in. Ensuing students must contribute $10.40 per adults and $5.20 per trip for kids on the Manele Bay to Lanai City shuttles. It must be payed in bar on collection.

VELTRA shall not be liable for any extra charges or charges at the moment of collection. Travellers must register 30 min or less before boarding the boat. There is no waiting for delayed travellers. The rent does not contain the price of gas.

The same amount of petrol as specified at the beginning of the hire period must be used to return all cars. Driving licence and credit cards are needed when you pick up the jeep on Lanai. Activities may be changed or cancelled due to bad wheather or driving condition.

No guidelines exist for this action. There is no transport offered on Maui. Dollars Rent a Cart does NOT provide any waiver, accident insurance or personal injury protection due to Lanai's unrivalled roads. Later in the morning you can cancel a trip on Lanai. Cancellation of the returning trip is at the guest's own cost.

There may be fees if you choose to install an optional printer kernel software package. Supplementary fees must be directly charged to the Dollar Rent a Cars offices. Are there any requirements for driving the jeep? Riders must be at least 21 years of age. No. There is an additonal charge for 21-25 year old riders, which is payable at check-in.

There is no surcharge for riders over 25 years of age. 2. Is it advisable to reserve this event well in advance? 2. Cancellation after 16:30 hrs on the day, 2 working nights before the event will be charged at 100% of the full amount.

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