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French Polynesia Papeete Tahiti

Cathedral Notre Dame Papeete Tahiti French Polynesia. The capital and administrative centre is Papeete. The Papeete message board Three of us have been Airbnb on Tahiti/Moorea for 8 workdays. We' ve already spent about $400 on food that included breakfasts and lunches (we've made many sandwiches: why waste so much of your free day on such a lovely place to wait for your order), bottled running waters, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks (much of it).

Supper at the Papeete Rouulottes costs about $20, you can even take a glass of hot or cold drink.

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You can use the above convertor to change the Papeete (Tahiti), French Polynesia clocks, quickly and visual y to another city. Just move your cursor over the coloured hourly bricks and look at the lessons chosen by the columns. Actualtimezon for Papeete (Tahiti), French Polynesia is GMT--10, whose offsets are GMT-10. Daylight savings is not currently being observed.

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Located on the biggest and most important of Tahiti and French Polynesia, Papeete is the gate to all other Tahiti archipelagos such as Moorea and Bora Bora. The Papeete is the place to explore the tahitic civilization. The Museum of Tahiti and her archipelago can be visited to find out more about Polynesia's past and people.

Paul Gauguin Museum also offers an enjoyable and interesting tour with its originals and reproduction. Maybe take the opportunity to stop at the Tahiti's traditional handicrafts market or try French, Tahiti and China cuisine outdoors under the starry sky on a Tahit holiday.

The Papeete has a large number of parklands and orchid trees and has the most varied and extensive variety of orchid garden. The inland Tahiti is almost completely deserted as it is so craggy. But on an excursion around the islands you can see cascades, caves and astonishing viewpoints. To this end, we have created an easy-to-navigate section of trip information devoted to Tahiti holiday packs.

Find out more about Tahitian people' s story and cultures, eating and drinking, and what to put in your bag. Find out more about Tahiti's natural and animal life, meteorology and geographical conditions, along with the Country Quick Facts compiled by our tourism team. Discover Tahiti for yourself is the only way to find out more.

Discover Tahiti today and. Tahiti holiday! There is a choice of Australia holidays, New Zealand holiday packs, one of our Fiji destinations or perhaps a Cook Island holiday.

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