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Wellington County

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Travelling Wellington

Wellington is up there with the best on a bright, calm summer sun. Over time, the town has become rather small, but the compactness of the centre gives it a larger cityscape and as the capitol it is equipped with a number of independent institutions such as art institutions, theaters, art organizations and more.

The Wellingtoners are justifiably proud of their kicking cafeine and beers scenes, and there is no lack of bear-bearing, skateboarding, artistic guys who do interesting things in old storehouses all over the city. Unfortunately, calm weather is not the rule for Wellington. Join your Wellington i-Site to begin your hop-on-hop-off trip with your experienced and kind travel companion on board.

See world-class arts and civilization at Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand's leading museums, with a collection focused on the arts, heritage, Pacific and Maori Cultures. Explore New Zealand's wonder of nature in Zealandia, a 225 hectare nature reserve with a rich collection of nature treasures just 10 min from the city centre.

You can see a wide range of animals at Wellington Zoo, walk along the leaf-lined trails of the large Botanical Garden or visit the Carter Observatory's Digicarpet. So much to discover that you may not want to go.

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See Wellington (Disambiguation) for other places of the same name. The town of Wellington (Te Whanganui a Tara in M?ori) is the main town and second biggest one. Situated on the southwestern tip of North Island, between Cook Strait and the Rimutaka Range. Windy is situated on the banks of Wellington Harbour, surrounded by hills that are home to many of New Zealand's major art and culture venues.

Wellnessington is a mixture of cultural, legacy, good dining and vivid art and fun. The town is encircled by rolling countryside and a jagged coast and has a breathtaking port. Wellington' s appeal lies in the fact that it provides a pulsating inner-city adventure with a piece of New Zealand countryside. WELLINGON provides a range of theatres, musicians, dancers, visual artists and art dealers.

Nowadays Wellington is also known for its movie-holidays. It advertises itself as "Absolutely Positively Wellington". Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2011" awarded Wellington as the fourth-best town in the word and called New Zealand's capitol the "coolest little town in the world".

It is the main town, the New Zealand parliament and the headquarters of many government agencies and large companies in Wellington. The areas nearest to the parliament buildings - the north end of The Terrace and Lambton Quay and the Thorndon industrial estate.

A large part of the town centre is constructed on recovered lands, which were erected after a severe 1855 quake. Its shore line, as it was in 1840, is indicated by signs in the sidewalks at Lambton Quay (hence the name of the street). Several quays are not close to the port.

Formerly called'Port Nicholson', the smaller cove that surrounds the town is known as'Wellington' or'Lambton Harbour'. Seismic events have had an important role in the formation of the entire Wellington area, with the Wellington error highlighted as a hill line between Thorndon and Petone.

As a result of the construction rules, many older urban structures have either been torn down or reinforced, or such work has to be carried out. Minor and medium sized quakes sometimes shake Wellington, so if the world seems to be moving for you, it may not just be your fantasy. In Wellington there are some places where the 1855 quake can still be seen.

A major landslide is most easily accessed on the SH2 between Ngauranga and Korokoro (north of Rocky Point, where the BP filling stations are located), where the drastic changes in the landscape are visibl. Wellington' is known as the Windy City. Wellington seldom falls below 32°F (0°C), even on a chilly wintersight, while during the day it seldom falls below 46°F (8°C).

The town of Wellington is located at the tip of New Zealand's North Island. Situated on the west bank of Wellington Harbour, which is heavily sheltered, its outskirts extend in all direction. It has a CBD and the adjacent Te Aro district to the southeast.

The Mt Victoria is located to the west of Te Aro and the Miramar Peninsula to the west of the Wellington Harbour estuary. A few kilometers southwards of Wellington lies the jagged and breathtaking southern coast of Northern Island, which consists of a series of small (and some large) coves, many with cliffy shores and interesting tidal waters.

The towns of Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua, mainly residential areas of Wellington, are located in the area to the east, but separated from each other region. It is the town' s gem and on a light, quiet night it is breathtaking from any lookout point. It is almost a perfectly circular port with the town on the southwest side, Petone on the northeast and Eastbourne, a small town on the sea, on the southeast side and reachable by boat from the citycenter.

The Wellington International Airport[47] is located in Rongotai, about 5 km from the center of the town. Nowadays Wellington is an important point of passage for international travel. We also offer Fiji and Singapore services from Wellington (from September 2016). A landing at Wellington can be an adventurous experience, and most drivers choose a motorized flight, followed by a full backward push and a harsh, decelerated touchdown due to the short take-off and landing area.

The metropolis of Wellington has only two main roads: The State Highway 1 (northwest of CBD) links the city of Wellington to Johnsonville, Tawa, Porirua, Paremata, Paraparaumu, Waikanae and Otaki State Highway 1 to the east and east with the city of Palmerston Noth, Taupo, Hamilton and Auckland on the way to other state motorways.

The State Highway 2 (north-east of CBD) links the Convention Center with the outskirts and other towns of the metropolis such as Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, then via the Rimutaka Ranges with the Wairarapa (part of the Greater Wellington Region). Hitch hiking from the centre of Wellington is hard because most transport remains within the conurbation and it is forbidden to take the highway to Hutt Valley (about 15 km NE of Wellington) or Paremata (about 20 km N).

There' s a rail link between Wellington and Auckland. The inter-city [48] runs buses to Wellington from the other side of the North Island. Connections every day between Auckland, New Plymouth, Napier, Hastings and Palmerston North and accommodation between Auckland and Wellington. From Wellington station, all Inter City Wellington buses leave for platform 9.

Wellington and Picton have frequent crossings by coach and rail to Christchurch. Bluebridge Ferry Terminals are next to Wellington railroad stop (next to the BNZ Harbour Quays building). Interislander Fährterminal is about 2 km north-east of the rail yard, and a $2 shuttleservice operates between Interislander Fährterminal and the rail yard (bus yard next to track 9).

Seaside cruisers often come to Wellington[49]. When you arrive with a large ferry, moor at Aotea Quay, which is next to Westpac Stadium between the Interislander ferry terminal and the train terminal. In the Wellington Crise-Terminal [51] you can talk to the ambassadors of Wellington City and collect tickets and booklets for your trip to the city.

You can take a shuttles from there, if your boat offers it, or a $5 urban bus, which is very bustling and developed, so it is a good idea to roll into town or go on foot. When you decide to take a stroll, simply take the left and right hand side routes in front of the terminals; a 10-minute stroll to the train stations, along an industry area and to the town center takes about 20 mins.

The town centre is within a short walk as it is very small and pedestrian-friendly. Greater Wellington Regional Council - transportation, ? 0800 801 700,[2]. Offers comprehensive information about the route and tariffs of Wellington' local transportation. Wellington' s heart is particularly dense and lively and well placed for hiking.

It has a fairly straightforward nucleus, as required by geographical regulations, with the classical merchant spine known as the Golden Mile, which provides a varied and enjoyable itinerary. From the station, this itinerary takes you via Lambton Quay to the south end on Willis Street. Then descend Lower Willis Street to Manners Street and the Manners Mall pedestrian zone and continue to Courtenay Place.

The Manners Mall section of Cuba Street traverses Wellington's Czech heart, leading southwards into the heart of Te Aro. Whilst these roads form the heart of the trade town, there is also a lot to see in the houses around it. The Waterfront, from the revitalised Kumutoto area in the northern part, past Queen's Wharf to Frank Kitts Park, and then through the lagoon and town to sea bridge and on to Te Papa and Waitangi Park, is another pleasant and well-loved area.

WELLINGON TUBES wellingon tubes have an extended bus fleet, which includes a considerable number of lines operated by electronic coaches. Well-priced and free networks and schedules are available in all parts of the capital, among them the Bürgerplatz's central visitors' center, the Central Library and many shops.

Whilst these cards can be very useful if you want to go to the outskirts, they are generally not necessary if you just want to go downtown. As a more straightforward town, the centre of Wellington is well connected by the main coach lane between the station and Courtenay Place.

From Lambton Quay to Lambton Quay. to Willis Street. From Willis Street to Mercer Street, where the trail zigzags across Civic Square to Cuba Street. From Cuba Street to Manners Street, go ahead to Courtenay Place. from Willis Street to Lambton Quay to the station.

The conurbation has many areas, but almost the whole of Wellington ( "water edge" to the southern, eastern, western and northern parts of the country, as far as Johnsonville) is within three of them. Furthermore, the heart of the line between the station and Courtenay Place is used as a preferential tariff area.

You can also buy an all-day centrally located ticket that allows you to travel freely within zone 1 to 3 on working days after 9am. There are also snapper tickets available in most grocery shops and convenient shops, which offer a 25% reduction on the Go Wellington coach tariff.

It is the best way to get from downtown to Johnsonville and between Hutt Valley, Porirua or the Kapiti Coast - although you have to take a trip from Melling or Western Hutt on foot or a coach from Petone or Waterloo (Hutt Central) to the CBD of Lower Hutt.

From the Wellington railway terminal, the arrival and departures times of the next trains leaving from each railway stop are shown on the display panel at the entrance to each other. You can buy your admission pass at the Wellington railway box offices or at the local box offices. You have to buy your month pass in the railway stations or at the booking offices.

and Porirua is by rail via Wellington (it is not less expensive to transfer to Kaiwharawhara, not all connections stop there and the schedules generally mean there is no savings in time). The large cabs in Wellington are the ( (alphabetically) Combined, Corporation, Green and Kiwi.

Wellington' rates are high by comparison internationally. Wellington' s heart is generally not necessary or as comfortable as going. Road and car park spaces are not particularly hard for a town of Wellington's concentration, but as with any other town, you have to look for a little road space.

Road parkings are usually measured with a fee of $4/hour (between 8.00 and 18.00 Mon-Th and 8.00 - 20.00 Fr), often with a one or two hours timeout. There are voucher car park areas in connection with Resident Only car park in the immediate vicinity of the town.

Wellington City & Sea, Queens Wharf,[55]. Daily, 10.00-17.00, closing on 25 December A well-presented Musée of Wellington's Histoire, complete with seafaring story. Town Gallery, Bürgerplatz. Views - Wellington City is encircled by rolling countryside, so there are some good views: The best viewpoint in Wellington.

A full 360-degree panoramic image is a great place to see the airfield, the harbor, the CBD and the town belt with just one turn of the skull. Another large viewpoint, not as near to the town as Mt Victoria[58]. This is another great place to get an outstanding panoramic look at the town, the port and Cook Strait and enjoy the breeze!

The entrance is sign-posted from the stores in Brooklyn: along Todman Street. A very interesting place if you want to see a large monument in the heart of nowhere, with a good look at the nearby docks. This is Elmscourt, a historical art-deco residential building on the edge of The Terrace and Abel Smith Street.

Underneath and in the Old Bank Arcade on the Lambton Quay and Customhouse Quay corners - near Plimmer's Staps. The Parliament premises, known as the Hügel, is located at the bottom of Molesworth and Bowen Streets, where they encounter Lambton Quay. The Turnbull House, Bowen Street (directly opposite the Parliament building).

Ancient government buildings opposite the parliament at Lambton Quay 15. Wellington' s renowned premier, monuments and works of artwork have all been built in the city' s alleys, among other things: A memorial service is celebrated every ANZAC day (25 April) at the Cenotaph on the intersection of Lambton Quay and Bowen Street, just outside the Parliament premises.

At Lambton Quay and Stout Street, the fall of the pillar did not come from the adjacent edifice, but was a work of artwork. At Lambton Quay, opposite Cable Car Lane, the two high-grade monolithes with nubs are actually a poetry in emblazon! There' s a windmobile where Lambton Quay hits Featherston Street.

Eimerbrunnen [61] in the Cuba Mall - a true eye-catcher for many years. WELLINGTON Town Council's website provides a guidebook to its popular art: of the Wellington Council Publics Guidebook[62]. The Wellington Central Library, (in the main plaza, next to the information centre),[63]. Materiu/Somes Iceland In the center of the port, this isle has its part of the story.

Once a sanctuary for migrants and later (and more extensively) for pets. There are ferries from Queen's Wharf and Day's Bay (on opposite sides of the harbour). From Lambton Quay you can take the Cable Cars to the summit in 5 minutes, but it's not that thrilling, although it's photoogenic.

For a walk, take the elevators in the James Cook Arcade (or one of several others along Lambton Quay) to the terrace, drive southwards up to Salamanca Road and then up to Victoria University. It is the ideal place to discover the garden or walk back to the town.

The Bolton Street Memorial Park[64]. Visiting Wellington is not without visiting Wellington's most beloved vantage point, which offers breathtaking view over the town and the docks. Wellnessington is known for polo and riding tournaments such as riding, show jumps and training. Submerge the Wellington ( "F69") fregate. Only a few kilometers from Wellington International Airport.

Sank on November 13, 2005 in 23 to 26 meters of waters off the Isle Bay at the southern shore of Wellington. Take a boat across the harbor to Eastbourne and Days Bay Beaches or Sunes Islands for a quick walk. If you feel more adventure-packed, go 30-40 min to the Kaitoke Regional Park, a secret jewel not so well known to the tourist, but a favourite place for Wellingtoners.

Wellnessington has many cafés and establishments, actually more cafés, pubs and restuarants per capita than New York Capital. There are also good kebab's from Turkey all over the town, or libanese in the Phoenician falafel on the Kent Terrace, in fact you will have trouble finding an internationally renowned kitchen that is not available in Wellington.

There are a number of great roasting establishments in Wellington. Here is a small selection from the comprehensive Wellington Café scene: On the Aro Streets, with a selection of vegetarian and gluten-free foods. Butler' s Butler' s Chocolate Café - Willis St. - choice of dark and dark bars of dark and dark red cocoa.

Café Neo - 132 St Willi's - a stylish café with a tasty selection of dishes and very good cakes. CLARK CAFÉ - Situated at Wellington Central Library, Clark is one of the few places where you can put your own groceries on the tablet - and then waiting for your cup of goodness.

Coffeeholic - central in Cuba Street. Fidel's Cafe - A favourite excursion spot, considered one of Wellington's most famous cafés. Gasoline - between Woodward Street and The Terrace in Wellington's commercial area, Gasoline serves a predominantly commercial customer base. The Kelburn Cafe - Situated on the highway between the Kelburn stores.

One of Wellington's oldest cafés, open since 1988. The Plum - is situated on Cuba Street and has recently been renovated. Simple Paris - new in Wellington and offers a selection of delicious candy and biscuits. Wellington' s CBD: All the suburbs of Wellington have a good fishing and french fries stand.

Wellington City:: Seestern, Molesworth Street, Te Aro - a little more expensive than most, but it's definitely it. Hindi restuarant, situated in the outskirts of Wellington of Johnsonville; 128 Johnsonville Rd. Wellington CBD: Tulsi, 135 Cuba St. or the BNZ takesaway at the BNZ Co. Your chickens were chosen as the best in Wellington.

Two Wellington sites, 18 Blair Street off Courtenay and 115 Cuba Mall. Better taste, lower ground, old promenade, customs quay. Several of the best ethnical dining places are located on Adelaide Rd. in the south suburbs of Newtown, between Wellington Hospital and the zoo. Cifornia Sushi, at Left Bank off Cuba St. Delicious dining and welcoming shopkeepers.

atay Palace, Cuba St. (between Floridita's and Aunt Mena's). Sri Satay Kingdom; Lefthand Bank (in front of the Cuba Mall). QBT from Mexico, 33 inch quay (on the water near Wagamama). 210C Lefthand Bank (in front of Cuba St.). Backbencher - opposite the parliament on Molesworth Street. The Wellington Night Market, Lefthand Bank (off Cuba St.), Friday 5 pm later - Beautiful, relaxed atmosphere, bohemia, live musical starting, large selection of stands with Sichuan, Malay, Japan, South India, African, Maori, Irish, Hunguarian and Mexico, among others.

The BNZ Centre Food Courts (Food on Willis) - a large rectangular ground floor of the large rectangular towers at the corner of Willis, Willeston and Victoria Streets houses a grocery area. Wellington CBD: The A-Roy Thai House - at 101 Cuba Street, near the well. 124 Cuba Street Thai House Restaurant, open during the day and at night.

on Cuba St. See you at the weekend. WELLINGON has a vibrant night life, focused along Courtenay Place, one of the main roads that run from the CBD. As a result of the night life, this road has the highest densities in New Zealand on Friday and Saturday afternoons. The Cuba Mall also offers some nice and alternate places.

Off Courtenay Place in the CBD quarter (Lambton Quay) there are many after-work cafes crowded by clerical staff, but this area is left in the later morning, so these facilities do not usually party all nig. Since the mid-1990s Wellington has seen an upswing in the local brewing and population.

Cuban strip clubs: Rowena's Lodge, 115 Brougham Street +64 385-7872. Campgrounds from $15, Dormitories $23, CityLife Wellington, 300 Lambton Quay, Telephone +64 4 922 2800, Telefax +64 9 4 922 2803[78] Entrance: 14 Gilmer Ter. Located, Wellington Century City Hotel, Studio Zimmer, 1 & 2 Appartements Schlafzimmer et Penthouse Suiten.

Lambton Quay Park Hôtel, 101 The Terrace, telephone +64 4 260 5000,[e-mail protected][81] Four-star Hôtel opposite David Jones. Wellington has several of them, most of them a little further up, nearer to Mt Victoria (still very near the city). "Apartments " are more expensive, but you get more, are usually more centrally located and have better services and better amenities.

Wellnessington is reasonably secure at midnight, but good manners should be used, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings, as in any other town. Muggins are rare, but it is best to go in groups - especially in the early morning hour - especially in the murkier suburbs that surround the CBD - for example The Terrace, Willis Street, Cambridge Tce and the Waterfront.

Other small worries are some areas of the center in the very early mornings, especially Cuba St, although during the days it is a very interesting and great mall, but also a meeting place for road artists, punk, houseless and other crazy people.

although you are more likely to be approached for modification, offerings of tinnies are quite rare (small quantities of cannabis - it is imprudent to try to buy drugs overnight on Cuba St) and intoxicated talk violence is on Cuba Mall and there are numerous doorman. In the city, the greatest risks of drunkenness come from groups of individuals who either cannot allow themselves to go to a bar, are minors or too pissed to come to the city to have drinks in a park, alley or on the streets themselves.

Nevertheless, the doormen are many, extremely proficient and usually cooperate with each other and with the cops to check not only the bars but also the streets. We also have a number of cop lines through Courtney Place and Cuba St. Wellington has a pulsating night life that can be savoured until 5-6 a.m. as long as you show a little good judgment and don't have more than you can consume.

Greater Wellington area is much larger than just Wellington City. Ancient Wellington province covered much of the south half of the North Island, which included Horowhenua, Manawatu and Wanganui. Three other towns are so near Wellington that they actually make up a large area: in the demographic order they are:

Eastbourne and Days Bay are on the east side of Wellington Harbor. East By West Ferry[85] runs from Queens Wharf (Wellington) to Days Bay Wharf, some lines stop at Somes Island (in the centre of the harbour) on demand, see routing[86].

There is also a port cruise boat to Petone Wharf and Seatoun on Saturdays and Sundays. The Tranzit Train/Bus Tasting[87] takes place every mornings from Wellington Railway Box Office and includes a visit to four Wairarapa vines in Martinborough, $115.

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