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News | News from NZ Herald Messages the way you want them. Don't be afraid, you can get back on the right path by going to our homepage or other areas of the New Zealand Herald website below. There were four young Thais with their first breaths after two short days of drastic rescues. Ballocanag phoned a colleague to pass on the message: "They're all gone."

First four students caught in the Thai cavern have beaten the chances of making it.

Bottle Inspiration: The Antipode Water History

Why does New Zealand flood with rains and brooks from continuous aquifer, bottle waters from France, Italy and Fiji? Returning from New York in 2002, Simon Woolley met with three buddies to talk about his next step in his life and wondered why they drank it.

A former owner of Auckland's metropolis pub and connoisseur of the dining community, Woolley gathered in Turangi with Peter Cullinane, Kim Thorp and Howard Greive to talk about what came next. Only when Thorp was picking up a glass of France's waters at supper and joked: "Why are we having this?

Attend every first-class New Zealand and Australian restaurants and there is a good chance that they will wear the glittering and quietglasses. The antipodes look like an all-round track record. On the outside it looks as if New Zealand should be producing a top-quality bottle soda label. For many years, bottled tapas have been one of the world' s fastest-growing food sectors - not only in terms of volumes but also in terms of value.

Since New Zealand is known around the world for its good taste in foods and drinks (and rain), would someone do that at some point? You' re an expert on the sector who hears the newcomers' schemes, you'd wonder what kind of waters they drink. First error was the flask. "There was unanimity; we all voted for the most costly - a Kraut laboratory one.

Most New Zealand wells are designed for watering and even providing the countryside with potable and not for filling. Whereley had many sale talks this past year. Antipodes' origins were used and limited to prime class eateries that combine the brands with a delicatessen.

A well-known typesetter and now a stockholder of Antipodes, Len Cheeseman designed the label's sleek, stylish look to fit the brand's history. However, as with the'mistakes' of the bottles and a spring of fresh air, the restaurant's opposition was high. He focused his attentions on training, took a moment to taste with cooks and waitresses and shared his passion for drinking and drinking with as much variation and taste as wines or vodkas.

And by mid-2004, Antipodes had enough clients to get through the first 30,000 cylinders and face the next Jesusoment. Jar. "Nobody had ever tried to fill New Zealand waters into glasses before. Wine is not cheap. That' s one million cylinders every 33 hour - and Fiji has only three per cent of the US bottle-makers.

There were clear indications of hope in the deal, but the side was facing another Jesus momentum before the end of 2008. Fifth thing you wouldn't do if you knew about the bottling industry would be to introduce a truly international label without ensuring your supplies. Antipodes was suspended as turnover increased and saw an increase in production at the Otakiri factory.

until we found it: a kiwi fruit plantation that was watered with the best waters in the world," says Woolley. Antipodes can be set up and expanded without new investments thanks to the safe filling system and ongoing distribution and distribution. There' are many if and but: What if folks stop drinking bottled waters?

{ {\a6} (In fact, bottled waters grew plateaus for the first the year 2008.) What if the waters leak? Suppose New Zealand were to lose its right to receive cleaner and greens?

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