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Wind, waves & weather forecast Sigatoka/Viti Levu / Western, Fiji for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing. Accommodation Momi Bay Coral Coast (Fiji) Fiji Weather forecasts. Look for sea urchins, corals and cracks. Mai offers nice holiday weather in Fiji. We' re going later in the month and hope for good weather.

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Wheather-fear! Hello, we go to Fiji on the 19. for 9 overnight (5 overnight coral coast, 4 overnight Denarau). I' ve just looked at the long-distance weather forecast and I'm shocked that of the 10 day we're there, 7 day rains (not even chills, but rain) and 3 day clouds say!

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Wheather-fear! Hello, we go to Fiji on the 19. for 9 overnight (5 overnight coral coast, 4 overnight Denarau). I' ve just looked at the long-distance weather forecast and I'm shocked that of the 10 day we're there, 7 day rains (not even chills, but rain) and 3 day clouds say!

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Weather in the UK will remain arid and sunshiny this weekend. You can also check out the Suva historically Weather, Text Weather and Weather charts pages. Historic or past weather forecast page offers historic weather forecast from July 1, 2008 to now in 3-hour intervals. The text weather page allows you to get a weather text for the next 14 day and the weather map page shows weather patterns such as temperatures, windspeed, gusts, pressures etc. in graphic view for the next 14-day.

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Northwest of the Fiji isle, Viti Levu, tends to be slightly warmer, less moist and dryer. Southeast side gets more precipitation, which increases air moisture. That means if you plan to stay near Pacific Harbour, you can look forward to much more wet spells than near Nadi and the isles.

Forecast Fiji weather for Nadi: next 7 jours..... No so, our Savusavu period was very humid in comparison to Nadi, Nadi was in a dry season, while Savusavu and Suva mounds were clad with gras. A lot of Fiji vacationers spend the icy winters in New Zealand and South Australia.

In Nadi the mean temperature in these winters is around 26°C with a night low of 19°C. And the winds from the west are increasing at this season. We had a great outing to one of the island last weekends, but we found the sea much colder than December to February and the breeze was a pain because it blown the sandy beaches and into our faces, so we had to find a shelter from the breeze but in the hot outdoors.

A further reasons for the choice of this period of the year is the lower air moisture and less precipitation. As a result, there is a tendency for rainstorms to fall when they land. Also during the wet seasons most of the brief violent downpours are mostly in the mornings, later in the afternoons and at nights.

This much of the morning is free of rains and you can get off without getting soaked and use the clear, fresh tropic waters for snorkeling. Also in the so-called "rainy season" there are many beautiful hours of heat and nights without it.

Only a handful of rainy weather last year. Usually it was raining in the early hours of the evening and very early in the mornings, at 10 o'clock the entire amount of rain had withered out.

As kiwis, we enjoy the hottest and warmest moments of the day and can go swimming without chill. When it' s a nice little village on the Yasawa Islands, why not stay on the beautiful beaches?

When you can't stand this kind of weather, remember to come to Fiji in April-August. There' less rains, less moisture, and the climate is ideal for everyone. If you know where you can see our home or we can see you flying into Nadi, we are 500 mt from the north end of Nadi Aiport.

We should not have paid attention to the forecast nine out of ten time every mornings when we hear the weather forecast on the wireless or on our laptops to see what is going on in Fiji, we should have got into the vehicle and taken off for the first time. Now we can look out the windows or call a highland buddy to get a real weather forecast.

There was no rains, thunderstorms foretold. Gray skies all days, no winds, slight rains. October 26 to November 2 No actual weather changes, just a whole full moon with gray cloud, but no precipitation, it was very high 27 degrees this evening at 10 pm. Yet another aweek in Nadi, with no signs of rains.

Daylight savings time has begun this weekend. Wells in Nadi county are dehydrating. It was very stormy and overcast. We' had two of the five rainy evenings. Temperatures were 22°C in the mornings and evenings and 28°C at noon.

It was another rainy weekend, it had been forecast, but not a single drip fell on our home. Government is assisting with droughts in the Nadi region. On December 1st we drive back to New Zealand to pick up the whole group and go out into the outback.

When we don't get frozen, we're back in Fiji, the first fortnight in February, the warmest of the year. It hasn't really improved this weekend, it's still getting a bit overcast. North Pole Regen. On February 1 we returned to Nadi at a very high temperature of 31°C.

We' re due back in Fiji in the hotter months of the year. The Suva Express trains run on both sides of our bedrooms and make everything in our flat shak. Rains flow through the alloys carpentry shop on the west side of the flat, and flood the entire family.

Three in the morning, all calm. It' raining heavily. Sunday, rainy all the time, winds up to 18 km/h cold 30°c. Locals are concerned that the city of Nadi will be flooded again. The three neighborhoods of Nadi are shut down on Tuesday - no electricity and water. It was pouring down hard last dark.

365°F, 7.27°F, pm 32°F, slight rains very moist. No electricity no pm current no pm heat, no pm heat, no pm heat, no water, warm winds and 27°c. pm h. One chilly day 24°c. Ligth rains pm 28°c. Slight breeze from the west pm 28°c.

Return to 31°c weather, slight breezes, no rains. It had some good cold nights temperatures of about 24°c, then at 7 o'clock in the morning it is backed up to 26°c. We had two very easy showering this weekend at midnight, which only took twenty-minute. It blows in from the north and east at approx. 20 km/h.

Electricity is still untrustworthy, we had three consecutive non-electricity holidays from 6am to 2pm. However, on Saturday there were no blackouts due to the 7 rougby games that Fiji won, of course. MONDAYS 14/03/2016Not much of a shift this weeks still 28°c at 10am and 30°c at 1pm, in the shadow.

We' had five full days of rainy Friday evening and that was it for the whole group. In Nadi Town, however, there is very little breeze to keep chill. At weekends, a slight clouding formed in the mornings, but this disappeared in the early afternoons.

MONDAYS 24/4/2016Monday to Saturday was a regular Monday 28°c at 8 o'clock & 31°c at 13 o'clock, slight overcast formed around 15 o'clock, but no down. On Sunday darkclouds buil up all afternoon, then it came at 3 pm and has not ceased, 4 pm Monday Nadi city is inundated.

11/4/16 MondayWe had a good warm and cloudy Monday mornings, followed by a warm evening with 29°c. There were two rainy afternoons with no winds at 31°c and one with five minutes of rains in the afternoons. Mon 2/5/16A again good for a good weeks, most of the time of the weeks breezy, this lowered the temperature to approx. 28°c but chilly 22°c in the early mornings, 5 o'clock.

Sundays breakfast, slight rains until 9 o'clock in the evening back to 28°c. 16/5/16another amazing Monday in paradise. It is not too warm because of the high clouds and a slight wind and no signs of precipitation. In the early hours of the day (3 a.m.) the room has fallen to 21°C. 23/5/16May 23/5/16This weeks we had a hazy day with the 25c-point.

By noon, however, the temperatures had risen again to 29°C, and a slight wind help to keep the temperatures below 32°C. There was still no signs of strong rains, but on Sunday mornings, we awoke and saw pools of puddle of water on our way. I have to get up in the mornings and put a quilt on the bunk, we go to sleep at 27 o'clock, but awake at about 3 o'clock in the mornings.

Mon 13/6/16We had 4 hrs of rains this Thursday evening, which gave us a chilled Friday. With no wind and temperatures from 18 to 23°c, the morning was awesome with some clouds in the afternoons. Daytime temperatures are 27°c in Nadi and 24°c in the Nausori Highlands.

After spending three nights on top of the Yasawa Islands, it was just great. Montag 20/6/16We stayed six nights on the Yasawas Islands, it was perfec. 28 degrees Celsius around noon and a cold 22 degrees Celsius very early in the morning. The whole weak was a powerful west breeze.

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, around five o'clock, it was raining for fifteen and that was it for the remainder of the group. 6/27/16 Monday this weeks there was no changes. There is no shower or shower in Nadi, but rather slight rains in the highland and strong rains in the Suva, but a slight cloudiness in the afternoon.

Very chilly in the early hours with a temperature around 28 degrees at noon. Most of this weeks time was overcast with a temperature of up to 26°C at noon and 22°C in the evenings, but no rains in Nadi Yet? the winds increased later in the Monday 18/7/16Monday & Tuesday 25°C all other than 22°C in the afternoons.

On Monday, 25.7.16, we stayed on the Yasawas Islands this weekend, the weather was great. For three days we had heavy breezes and big oceans, the temperatures were 22°C at 10 pm at noon and 27°C in the shadow during the sun. Mon 22/8/16No changes this weeks. At midnight in the mornings overcast, then back to 26 o'clock in the afternoons.

Overnight starts to heat up, the additional ceiling goes back into the draw. There' s no rains this sunday. Montag 29/8/16This weeks weather hasn't really improved much, the clouds have shifted to the last hours still at 26°C during the outings. Mon 5/9/16We started this weeks seven days tour around Fiji.

Weather in the first five rainy and rainy weather was very good in the last five rainy and rainy months, around 24 degrees. FRIDIDAY 30/9/16This months was arid, with only 30 min. of rains on Tuesday evening, 27. with pleasant chilly evenings. There were about 26 degrees, just right for a long stroll on the shore.

17/10/ 16Light rains on Monday, Tuesday evening for 20 min, the remainder of the weeks heat up to 27°C in a gentle breeze.

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