Kauai or Lanai

A Kauai or Lanai

Simple island life thrives in this ground floor apartment with wonderful sea views from the private Lanai. When I visit Maui, Kauai or the Big Island, can I still reserve space for a Pearl Harbor tour? Hale Iki is a bedroom, a Bad Kauai holiday home with a fully equipped modern kitchen, and Asian-inspired decor.

Everyone has been to Lanai and Kauai - Need Honeymoon Council - Kauai Forum

All in all we have 11 overnight stays between Lanai (Four Seasons) and Kauai (St. Regis Princeville). I' m sure we only want to lie in the bright rays for a few short weeks at the beginning, so we thought about it. We'll start with Lanai, because there's more to do in Kauai.

We get more spoiled at the Four Seasons or St. Regis. We' re in Starwood wearing platform, so I assume we get a good room in St. Regis, but we only book a regular room in Four Seasons. That' all there is to do on Lanai.

I would go to Maui or The Big Island and then to Kauai if I wanted a Four Seasons adventure. Or I' d go to Lanai for three days and then to Kauai. St. Regis has a nice bath, if that's what you mean by spoiling.

It is a wonderful place (I had lunch there last night) and October is a great season to savour the North Shore. Cause for FS Lanai is that we were both separated in Maui and BI, so we wanted to make a "new" Hawaii place for our Honeymoon.... Kauai was our immediate choice, but since we have 11 days, I thought we should make 2 places, therefore Lanai and Kauai.

So, we could be playing golf on Lanai, but we chose it more for a cute luxury hotels stay atFS and some swimmingpooltime... also to hire a jeep a day and do some of the walks... Gods' Garden, Munru (sp?) Track etc. Afterwards to Kauai..... St. Regis is not Four Seasons.

The Four Seasons is a higher class for me, but you should also like the SR and the scenery of the venue is unsurpassed. So long as you realize that your opportunities on Lanai are very restricted. I' d go to Lanai with 3 or 4 days and Kauai with the rest.

You want (and need) more Kauai to do. There' s a lot to do on Lanai for 5 afternoons. We' ve been to both of them and each one has something special to show and see, so I'm sure you'll like both. I' ve been to Lanai several once a weekend, it's the perfect holiday destination when it comes to spoiling.

Did you think about skip Lanai (this time!) and split your Kauai times between the north coast and the south coast? St. Regis for the north....and the south...???? Lanai FS Manele is a great choice. There are two Lanai Four Seasons. I spent most of my stay on Kauai and about 3 nights on Lana'i.

Only because I think that Kauai is a little more varied and there is more diversity. However, it is important; you have to be more energetic and adventuresome to discover Kauai, I would say.

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