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Coffee restaurants in Kapiti Coast. Cafe cuisine restaurants in Kapiti Coast. The food on the coast of K?piti is a pleasure, from fish and French fries to local gourmet products served in quality restaurants. The SOCIAL Kapiti Coast cafes, cafés and bistros are informal restaurants offering a selection of hot meals, sandwiches and ready meals.

The Kapiti Lindale Motel is centrally located on the Kapiti Coast.


At last I was at the Soprano Italien Ristorante at Paraparaumu Beach for supper and at the Marine Parade Eatery for luncheon. Though I liked several starters (twice boiled cheesouffle with apples; walnuts and crumbed goats cheesesalad; Waikanae prawn and risotto-rapese with lemon schnitzel and buttersauce), I also had the need for vegetables that were oriented towards boccoli and Broccoli pastas with fried Italien sausages, fried Broccoli, pinewood, basil-pesto and rocket.

Delicious herbal wiener from the Waikanae butcher shop, plenty of fried croccoli and a delicious meal with a good balance of taste and structure. Marine Parade Eatery is rather your funkyday ( and some evenings) café and delicious. Despite the bad weather outside I liked all the full shelving with delicacies, country style table, cool blossoms and the air.

Not much I wanted, so I selected the risottos dish, which turned out to be mushrooms and parmigiano, with an accompaniment, winterly, warm lime, honeys and sprinkled with aromatic herbs. The beverage had genuine Thymian and was softer, but more beautiful. The majority of the offers had interesting ingredients (jerk pickled chickens with a spicy curghar wheel, maize, peppers and roasted seeds lettuce; anchovies and barbecued tallegios on roasted chiabatta with tomatoes and herbal lettuce; citrus, honeyseed and chilli peppers heated beverage; mints heated chocolate), and all were very attractive.

You' ll find soprano at the Copperfields Complex on the beach from Monday to Saturday evening. Also, Marine Parade Eatery at 50 Marine Parade, these days do Wednesday-Thursday 7. There are no two possibilities, Paraparaumu Beach is a great place for a short getaway.

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The Kapiti Coast Restaurant Bistros are usually small sized establishments that offer basic food at moderate prices in humble establishments. Restaurant bistros often offer both alcoholic beverages and coffees. Choose Kapiti Coast Cafes and Bingo Food from the menu below. You can also choose another area. The Wellington - Kapiti Coast Cafés and bistros menu shows tourist sites in your area, town, village or community.

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